Attendance And Payroll Software- Easy and Affordable Business Package

Attendance and Payroll Software- The Perfect Combo

Soda and fries, Oreo’s and milk, peanut butter and chocolate: these are just some examples of a perfect combo! Now, businesses can enjoy the perfect combination of power, savings, and efficiency of attendance and payroll software together. Now, time and attendance as well as management software are combined in order to give managers the tools needed for success. By using modern technology administrators have 24/7 access to reports, avoid scheduling and payroll errors, and avoid overtime. Attendance and payroll software will increase savings while reducing costs.

MinuteHound is the current leader in biometric time and attendance. Employees arrive and exit work all by placing a finger or thumb on a small scanner. Each print is broken down into an encrypted number, then transferred offsite to cloud servers. All information is recorded safely and securely. By using the attendance and payroll software, time is recorded using biometrics, and payroll is now 100% accurate. Fingerprints ensure flawless attendance reports. No more cheating of any kind.

Attendance and Payroll Software Features

By using biometrics, buddy punching and payroll fraud are over. That is an obvious benefit in itself. However, by using attendance and payroll software together will streamline the payroll process. MinuteHound provides detailed time and attendance reports, and then all clients have to do is export those reports. The current formats are Excel, ASCII, and PDF. Custom CSV files can also be created to streamline the payroll process even further. MinuteHound offers the unique advantage to save companies money through attendance and payroll software.

Biometrics Ensures Perfect AttendanceAttendance and payroll software from MinuteHound also includes text and email alerts. This way if employees arrive late, forget to clock-in, or leave early managers get notified in real time. Using MinuteHound is like having a supervisor on shift round the clock! Now, tardiness is documented and overtime can be avoided. The email system also create’s documentation if ever needed to provide proof of an employee’s work habits. Organizations gain many benefits to using attendance and payroll software.

The Pricing of the Attendance and Payroll Software Package

The attendance and payroll software package is broken down into tiers. Therefore you only pay for what you need, based on staff levels and locations. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, MinuteHound fits any budget. This price is per month, and includes lifetime updates. Technical support is always available as well if assistance is needed. There is currently over 150,000 users from every industry using MinuteHound as their time and attendance system. Join the list of growing clients and see the advantages for yourself!

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Cloud Based Attendance SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Attendance and Payroll Software- The Ultimate Power Bundle!

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