Computer Time Clock Software- Fingerprint Scanner Included

Computer Time Clock- How Technology Has Changed Management

In case you haven’t heard, technology dominates. In almost all aspects of your life, in some form, technology has changed the way you plan your day. There is no difference for internal operations at your place of work. Computer time clock software is the new standard in time and attendance. Gone are the days of manually counting and checking time sheets. Punch cards and clocks expired long ago. Systems that require employees to enter pins, ID’s, or passwords allow employees to pad their paychecks by sharing information. However, with computer time clock software featuring biometric technology, the system is flawless. No cheating allowed. Employees are accountable for their time worked down to the second. No other system even comes close.

Having employees use their individual fingerprint to clock in and out of work is the guaranteed method to save time, money, and stress. Now, your role of being an owner or manager or both is automated. The technology works for you 24/7 so that you can apply your focus elsewhere. MinuteHound’s computer time clock software is the most affordable, advanced, and accurate on the market. When you setup an account, a biometric fingerprint time clock is mailed to you. Free shipping and handling. Once you receive the scanner, you simply plug it into any computer you have, and the software is downloaded. The actual computer time clock software runs in the background. You do not need to dedicate or purchase an additional machine to have this system work.

Computer Time Clock Software For PC or Mac

MinuteHound’s computer time clock software works on any PC or laptop. Any Windows based system can enjoy the features and benefits. The biometric fingerprint scanner plugs into any USB slot. Here is where the technology really gets interesting. The entire system is cloud based. This means all information recorded, is captured live and stored offsite in the cloud. The computer time clock software sends all information securely to the cloud using 128-bit encryption.

Computer Time Clock Software For PC or MacMac users can also enjoy computer time clock software. Since the entire system is cloud based, you can access the information from anywhere at anytime. From your iPhone, iPad, Droid, or any internet enabled device you have access to your reports. Mac users simply need to run the computer time clock software on a Windows operating system. All the clients that use Mac find this to be no problem. If anyone needs help or has questions, MinuteHound is available at your convenience. Simply call or email to find out more for Mac users. Computer time clock software is your surefire way to save and reduce costs. Now, both PC and Mac users alike can take advantage of powerful technology.

Computer Time Clock Software Is Cost Effective

In almost all cases, MinuteHound pays for itself. Computer time clock software costs $1.00 per employee. At this rate, and with the savings you will earn, it is the easiest decision you will ever make! The scanner itself is a one time fee and guaranteed for life. There are no long term commitments. You can cancel at anytime. Computer time clock software will completely upgrade your business. The system is very user friendly and easy to use. No training required. There is no downtime or learning curves for you or your staff to worry about. Employees clock in, out, and take breaks with their fingerprint. Payroll is now automated. Costs are reduced, and savings begin to add up. What are you waiting for? Make the switch today!

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