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Best Time Clock- No More Human Error Or Theft

One of the biggest issues companies struggle with is payroll management. Calculating the hours from the information stored on an outdated time clock can be cumbersome and inefficient. The best time clock is able to eliminate human error as well as provide up to the second information. MinuteHound is the best time clock for the modern company. Employee theft is a big problem in work environments. Time theft is one of the most common forms of dishonesty in the workplace. With MinuteHound’s best time clock, time theft officially retired. Human error is fixed. Best of all, you have access to important records anytime, from anywhere.

MinuteHound’s best time clock software captures information live. Employees punch in and out with a fingerprint time clock. This device is cutting edge, and features biometric technology. It records employee information by breaking down fingerprints into a set of numbers. It never records images. Employee information is never at risk. It is also backed by a lifetime money back guarantee. This system prevents many costly practices. Buddy punching, unapproved overtime, manipulation of the device and human error are all eliminated. The best time clock for any size company is MinuteHound.

Why MinuteHound Is The Best Time Clock

Another reason why MinuteHound is the best time clock is through a unique red-flag system. The system issues an alert any time an employee punches in at a time that is not on his or her schedule. Therefore if an employee is tardy or tries to leave early, your instantly aware of it. Also, this is how the best time clock on the market cures human error. No more “forgetting” to clock in and out of work. This feature alone can save a great deal of money because it addresses the problem of unapproved overtime. The savings alone makes it well worth the cost of upgrading an outdated system to the best time clock for today’s businesses.

The best time clock on the market is MinuteHound. Here are a few features:

  • Biometric fingerprint technology
  • Eliminates time theft
  • Cloud-based software provides real-time access
  • Programmable alert system automatically sends an email for unscheduled punches
  • Streamlined process saves by eliminating time cards and other physical inventory
  • Ultra-secure 128-bit data transfer protects employees
  • User friendly setup and ease of operation make MinuteHound the best time clock
  • Live support available around the clock
  • No long term commitment. Cancel at anytime at no charge.

  • Best Time Clock- Cloud Based Makes A Huge Difference

    Best Time Clock- Safe and Secure Cloud TechnologyFinding the best time clock to suit the needs of a business can be an overwhelming process. MinuteHound provides easily accessible information and customer service to make upgrading the time clock system as painless as possible. The cloud-based software allows supervisors to monitor the payroll and scheduling in real-time. Being cloud-based is vital in today’s business world. Mobility and security are paramount to the success of most companies. Information that is readily available truly make MinuteHound the best time clock for today, and tomorrow.

    The most important reason why MinuteHound is dubbed the best time clock on the market; the price. The scanner itself is $99.95, which you pay for once and never again. The entire system, with all features and benefits included, is $1.00 per employee. As you can tell from adding up the numbers, this system pays for itself. It is so cost effective that it is truly the best time clock for all size businesses. Lifetime updates and support are included in the low monthly cost. Expenses are reduced, and savings add up. Isn’t technology wonderful!

    Manual time clocks and time cards are a thing of the past. Freeing up valuable space and reducing clutter improve efficiency in the workplace. The best time clock on the market today is the MinuteHound system. Most businesses report a five percent reduction in payroll costs. The best time clock for your business is also 100% paperless. You save money in many areas. No dedicated computer is needed, as the software runs in the background. No additional equipment. No supplies to order or collect dust. Assistance is always available if you need it. It is time for a change. Upgrade your business with the best time clock in the industry.

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