Easy Time Clock

Easy Time Clock

Why does my business need an Easy Time Clock?
This is a question often asked by business owners that have not suffered with a hard to use time clock.

The reason is simple: If a time clock is not easy to use, your employees will not use it!
Employees (and some irresponsible managers) will always try to find a way to avoid clocking in on a biometric time clock.
There are numerous reasons why this is so.
Not the least of which is the fact that with an easy time clock such as the MinuteHound biometric time clock, there is no way to steal time!

Issues Eliminated By An Easy Time Clock
The following are a few issues simply eliminated by the ease of use of an Easy Time Clock.

Managers’ refusal to cooperate. Stand-alone time clock systems make data export a pain.
Managers often complain about every perceived flaw in systems that are difficult to use.
Managers do this in order to convince the owner that the system is not worth using.
When you have an Easy Time Clock such as MinuteHound, no one will be able to fool you into thinking the system is not beneficial.

Employee excuses. Employees will always find excuses not to clock in with a system that prevents them from cheating, buddy punching, or fraudulent punching.
When your time clock is difficult to use, managers and owners are more easily convinced that the employees’ claims are true.
If the employees are successful in their attempts to get rid of the time clock, the business is left with no way to truly stop time theft.
Just another reason why you need an Easy Time Clock!

Highest Scan Rate In The Industry
The MinuteHound Easy Time Clock features the highest quality scan rate in the industry.
While other fingerprint scanners are unable to achieve a greater than 90% success rate, MinuteHound scans 99.99% of people successfully!
Watch this video about the cutting-edge MinuteHound Easy Time Clock Scanner:

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