Stop Time Theft

Stop Time Theft Now!

Breaking News! You are losing to time theft at least $1,100 per employee per year!
Stop Time Theft now and put at least 5% of your payroll cost back in your pocket and towards the bottom line.
The American Payroll Association (APA) published the preceding statistics.
According to the APA U.S. businesses lose $148 Billion Dollars to Time Theft each year.

How To Stop Time Theft
At this point you’re doing the math and realizing things like.
If I have 15 employees I’m losing upwards of $16,500 per year.
So how do you stop time theft?
By killing time theft at the source!

Steps To Take Immediately
Time theft is the direct result of poor control.
Control is often filtered down through a traditional hierarchy.
Make sure your managers discipline tardy employees.
And definitely make sure managers are not “correcting” employee time cards in an effort to hide or engage in time theft.

Monitor employee hours closely.
Do this by checking in remotely to see exactly who is on the clock.
MinuteHound makes this easy by allowing owners and designated managers to view their employees’ attendance in real time.
From anywhere in the world with virtually any device with internet access.

Implement a policy and stick to it.
Create a clear anti time theft policy.
Employees and floor managers need to understand that time theft is a crime.
Not only is intentional time theft not tolerated, it will result in immediate dismissal.
It may even be possible to prosecute employees and managers who intend to steal from the business by engaging in time theft.
Whatever name it goes by. Buddy punching. Unapproved overtime. Schedule exceptions. Fraudulent punching.
It cannot be permitted in your workplace.

Implement A Biometric Anti Time Theft System
The patented MinuteHound biometric fingerprint anti time theft system eliminates buddy punching.
By pairing the world’s best fingerprint scanner with easy to use software, MinuteHound has created a system that is easy to use and 100% effective.

This video shows just how easy it is:

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Time Theft Thief With Money Bags
He's Stealing Time And Money... That's Time Theft.

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  1. Thanks for this very informative post. I am having some of these issues at my own workplace. Not many blogs like this one and it answered my question directly. Thanks

    1. Hello J.P. and thank you so much for your feedback. If your workplace suffers from time theft please look no further. Let MinuteHound support and assist you with whatever your issues may be. More businesses than you think are losing so much money directly relating to Time Theft. Please call us (800) 351-7237, get more sleep! You deserve it!

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