Time Theft at Work

Time Theft at Work: What is the Problem Exactly?

Time theft at work comes in many forms. One of the most common ways time theft at work occurs, is when one employee clocks in another “buddy”. Most-times referred to as buddy punching. Here is a classic example of time theft at work.

Time Theft at Work
Time Theft at Work Costs Your Business Money

Example of Time Theft at Work

Johnny and Jim both work the 6 am shift.
They along with a few managers are responsible for opening the store.
Johnny is always covering for Jim.
Everyday Johnny shows up at 6 am sharp.
Jim is always a minimum of 5 minutes late.
Jim and Johnny’s employer use magnetic strips to track time and attendance.
At some point Jim decides to give his magnetic strip to Johnny so he can clock him in.
This works out pretty good, for Jim. Soon Jim starts showing up a half hour late…
This a classic example of Time theft at work.

Who is hurt by this Time Theft at Work

First Jim and Johnny’s boss is hurt by this.
Since he needs to pay Jim for hours he is not at work.
It could take years for the boss to figure out what these two are doing.
Many times Managers and Owners do not see exactly when there employees clock in.
All they know is at the end of the month it looks like Jim is always on time.
To calculate how much you could be saving visit this savings calculator page.
The American Payroll Association (APA) reports that this is between two and eight percent of total payroll.

What can your business do to prevent Time Theft at Work

The only action your business needs to take in order to stop time theft at work is install a MinuteHound Biometric FingerPrint TimeClock. With a MinuteHound Biometric Fingerprint TimeClock time theft at work is a thing of the past.

How Does the MinuteHound TimeClock Stop Time Theft at Work

The Way it works is an employee must actually place there finger on the scanner to clock in.
This means that Jim would need to actually be at work to clock in.
Furthermore the MinuteHound TimeClock System can send alerts to Jim if he is late and any number of designated managers.
These alerts can be emails or SMS text messages.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. To find out More visit the MinuteHound TimeClock HomePage.
Phone number and Email are in the Top Right Corner.
Calculate How much your business could be saving on the calculator page.

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