Employee Time Clock That Email Alerts Each Login

Automated Time Clock Alerts

Have you ever considered that your time clock could email or text message you when an employee deviates from their schedule?
How about your time clock sending an automated text message or email directly to your employees when they deviate from their individual schedules?

MinuteHound time clock’s revolutionary fully customizable alerts system allows text message and email alerts to be sent whenever an employee deviates from his/her schedule.
You control what the alert message says. And you control exactly who receives it.
The MinuteHound system can even alert the owner, manager, and employee simultaneously.

Think of all the time and money you’ll save!
No more manually calling an employee to find out why they’re running late.
No more fines for opening your store late.
No more calling in to check who is at work.
No more buddy punching.
No more paying for unapproved overtime.
And with MinuteHound time clock there is no more manually calculating hours worked at the end of each pay period!

These problems and more contribute to the 5%-10% of your payroll dollars being wasted each pay period.
This data comes straight from the American Payroll Association.

Other great features…
You likely arrived at this time clock blog because you’re interested in MinuteHound’s stellar web-based alerts system.
Keep in mind that the MinuteHound time clock offers many other cloud-based features.
Some examples are: real time attendance reports. The ability to set different user permission levels. A viewable audit trail of the changes made by any user.
Wouldn’t you like to know if your store manager was padding the paychecks of his favorite employees?

MinuteHound offers an. Employee Time Clock That Email Alerts Each Login.
The MinuteHound time clock can also send SMS. Also known as text messages.
Get piece of mind. Know who is on the time clock. View your employees’ attendance in real time.

Watch this informative 7-minute video.Learn about all the major features of the MinuteHound system:

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