Cultural Differences Eased by Time Clock Software

Chronemics and Time Clock Software

Chronemics is the study of time as it relates to employee management. A proper time clock can help eliminate cultural interference with how you manage your business.

According to the Psychology Glossary, chronemics refers to the study of the use of time in communication, to wit:

a. Rules of time, such as punctuality;
b. Rhythms, such as body cycles;
c. Quantity of Activities, multitasking;
d. Length of attention, such as in how much time we spend in conversation.

Adhering to a Schedule

This blog post is not intended to declare one culture superior to another. It simply seeks to shed light. All businesses must adhere to a schedule. This is a fact of life. Whether a person believes that a 9:00-5:00 shift is exactly that. Or they feel that it really means 9:15-4:45, the business owner must make sure that the true schedule is adhered to. The best way to do this is with the MinuteHound web-based time clock.

Avoiding Claims of Discrimination

From time to time employees may derogatorily comment on the company they work for. By using the MinuteHound time clock you eliminate the employee’s ability to claim they were unfairly discriminated against when it comes to time keeping. This is true because MinuteHound provides an irrefutable record of attendance.

The Solution

Set a schedule and make clear to all employees that they must be at their post by the scheduled time. Use MinuteHound’s customizable alerts system to automatically send employees a text message or email whenever they deviate from their schedule. The same alerts can be automatically directed to the manager. The alerts serve as a constant reminder to employees that there attendance is being monitored.

Don’t Wait!

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Perception of time varies by culture

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