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Employee Time Tracking Should Be Easy, Not Another Chore

Employee time tracking is essential. No matter how big or small your business is, keeping track of payroll and employees can be difficult. Of course when hiring an employee, one assumes that this person is going to be an outstanding addition. However, too often employees get comfortable with their jobs and try and cheat the system. MinuteHound gives employers the easiest possible way of employee time tracking to assure that employees are getting paid fairly and appropriately.

The bottom line for businesses is the amount of money they make. Even if an extremely effective business sells products that people continually need, having employees who fail to clock in and out effectively can hurt their bottom line. Too often employees will try and manipulate their hours and alter the time that they claim to be at work. With MinuteHound biometric fingerprint technology for employee time tracking, employees will not be able to cheat the system. Friends cannot cover for each other, and hours can’t be padded. Employees will only be credited for the time that they swipe their finger to clock in and clock out.

Employee Time Tracking From Start to Finish

With this biometric technology businesses no longer have to worry about coworkers clocking their buddies in and out. One of the most prevalent ways of time clock manipulation is a system where coworkers will take turns leaving early or showing up late, while their friend clocks them in or out. This alternating pattern makes it difficult to keep up with employee time tracking. It can also be quite beneficial for the employee, but certainly not the employer. With the MinuteHound employee time tracking system, employees will only be able to account for themselves and will have to show up and leave work at the time they are supposed to.

Easy To Use Employee Time TrackingAlthough some people knowingly attempt to alter their time cards, there are also many times when time errors are accidental. Many times, this has to do with inefficient or faulty employee time tracking equipment. With the state-of-the-art technology used by MinuteHound, employers no longer have to be concerned about time card errors. Unlike other services, MinuteHound keeps detailed logs of every employee’s time in a way that is easy to use. This means no more awkward machines that may inadvertently make the wrong time stamp. Instead it is a system that is technologically advanced and programmed to limit tardiness on a routine basis.

Technology Works. It Also Saves. Employee Time Tracking

Not only does MinuteHound assure that employees get paid only for the time they actually worked, it assures that employees stay honest. MinuteHound uses technology that will immediately update the employer. This can come either through email or text message. If an employee is late, leaves early, or doesn’t show up at all, employee time tracking, in real time, will send out alerts. The employer can then log-in from anywhere to see exactly who is on the clock and who is available. MinuteHound saves you money to affirm you’re not wasting valuable company revenue.

MinuteHound also offers an easy to use system. Simple and user friendly. Anyone can download the software from a web browser they choose, and in under 10 minutes the installation is complete. Employee time tracking is mobile management, as MinuteHound is cloud based. The information is available from anywhere, but always safe and secure from others. Try it out today risk free, with nothing to lose but so much to gain!

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