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Accurately Tracking Employee Attendance Has Never Been Easier!

With the MinuteHound biometric employee time tracking system, tracking employee attendance is easier and more exact than ever before. Employees simply place their finger on a finger pad to clock in and clock out. This simple process eliminates all payroll mistakes easily and effectively. No more mistakes, errors, or manual counting involved.

Replace older ways of tracking payroll like time cards and traditional time clocks. They require employees to remember employee numbers to clock in and out. The MinuteHound method is so easy a child can do it. It is a much more detailed way of tracking employee attendance than traditional methods. Once an employee places their hand on the pad, a personalized number is encrypted and sent to any computer, anywhere, 24/7.

Emails Or Text Messages Provide Instant Information

You can choose to receive emails or text messages letting you know exactly who is on the clock at any time. Keep track of employees and payroll easily and accurately with MinuteHound’s technologically advanced system for tracking employee attendance. Reports are sent to you live, in real-time, offering a way to control payroll from anywhere.

When you cannot be there, MinuteHound is in charge of tracking employee attendance for you, like a faithful watchdog. Protecting your company from payroll abuse and theft is the goal. The MinuteHound method of tracking employee time and attendance is the answer you need. Just by using MinuteHound, payroll expenses decrease on average between 2 – 8 percent.

Most Employees Are Honest- Tracking Employee Attendance Keeps Everyone Honest

Some employees can abuse the payroll system, while being unaware they are doing that. An employee may think “the work has to get done and I’m the only one to finish it.” They may simply be conscientious and stay longer to finish the work, without thinking to ask if staying longer is acceptable. Their intentions are noble, but they end up working unapproved overtime.

Tracking Employee Attendance w/ BiometricsBusiness costs are controlled better by using the most effective way of tracking employee attendance. Be aware when an employee is clocked in longer than they should be. You can contact a supervisor immediately, who can put a stop to the overtime. Eliminate the need to call the employee into an office at a later time to enforce corrective action measures.

There is no wasting of time teaching employees how to use a time clock to punch in and out. Tracking employee time is so easy with MinuteHound. They simply place their finger on a pad to record their attendance. MinuteHound makes employee’s lives easier since there is nothing they need to remember. Why not switch to the easiest, risk-free and no obligation method today for tracking employee attendance and movement by switching to MinuteHound? Saving money has never been easier. Accuracy is always ensured with MinuteHound.

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Biometric Time & AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Tracking Employee Attendance.

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