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Employee Tracking Software- See Results From Day One

Not many businesses have the time or patience to pay for a new service or product, just to wait months or years to see a return on their investment. MinuteHound’s employee tracking software was designed for business owners, by business owners. By eliminating time theft, buddy punching, and stopping payroll fraud, employee tracking software will spark a change from the first day of use. All staff will know the days of cheating and fudging numbers are over. From day one, the system will pay for itself and you will see results. Employee tracking software is easy to use, simple to setup, and a proven and efficient method for all of your time and attendance needs.

Employee tracking software works in unison with a biometric fingerprint scanner. When your company uses biometrics, savings add up and costs are reduced. Your staff will arrive and leave work all by placing their finger on the scanner. By utilizing the latest cloud technology, all information is sent to servers rather than being stored on the computer. No images are ever recorded and prints are never kept on file. 100% safe to use by all staff on every level. Employee tracking software addresses and solves any and all questions of privacy.

Employee Tracking Software Does The Heavy Lifting For You!

Modern technology is great, however, when using to your advantage it becomes powerful! Employee tracking software gives managers and owners the tools they need for success. Text and email alerts: this system will allow you to get notified if any employee does not show up, arrives late, or leaves early. Cloud access: From any internet connection in the world at anytime, simply log-in and view/edit reports. Lifetime Updates: employee tracking software includes lifetime updates as long as you’re a current subscriber. No hidden fees or extra costs. Save more, spend less!

Go Green Save Money With Employee Tracking SoftwareEmployee tracking software is also green. All reports can be downloaded and viewed at anytime. Instead of printing up time sheets for your employees, you can have them log-in and keep track themselves. There is no paper supplies needed for employee tracking software. You will save money in multiple ways. Biometrics in business have profound advantages, and when using MinuteHound you gain an entire team of professionals to support you and your business.

Employee Tracking Software- The Prices That Work and Make Sense

Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Employee tracking software is a full package all designed to fit your budget and help you save. The biometric scanner is $99.95 and you only have to pay this once. It is backed for life, so peace of mind is always on your side. The monthly subscription rate is based off of your current workforce. $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. All the features and benefits of MinuteHound are included. Employee time tracking is the easiest decision you will make. You have nothing to lose, as you can cancel at anytime. Upgrade today and find out for yourself!

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