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Employee Tracking System- Time and Attendance That Works

MinuteHound’s employee tracking system is affordable, proven to work, and easy to use. By combining powerful time clock software with a biometric scanner to guarantee accuracy, the employee tracking system is foolproof. Employees can no longer buddy punch or steal time. Payroll fraud is over, and payroll costs go down. The employee tracking system will assist managers with daily tasks, while providing a new, simple, and quick way to check on staff and view reports. By using the latest and greatest technology, MinuteHound will give you the advantage and benefits your business deserves.

The first step to upgrading your business is to purchase a biometric scanner. The scanner costs $99.95 and that is the final price, no extra costs. The scanner will plug into any computer and is very easy to setup. Once the scanner is installed, the time clock software is downloaded. These 2 components combined is the full and powerful employee tracking system. Your staff show up to work, swipe their finger, and all information is sent over the internet for live viewing. Safe, secure, and modern. The employee tracking system works and saves from day 1.

Employee Tracking System Provides Real Time Reporting

The employee tracking system allows managers and employees 24/7 access to reports. Administrators can edit/view/modify reports, while employees can only view. 5 different permissions in MinuteHound allow managers to give the proper clearance levels to whom they choose. The employee tracking system is the modern answer to all your time and attendance problems. Friends at work can no longer cover for one another. No more fudging numbers and mistakes are corrected. On top of that, by using cloud computing technology attendance reports are always clicks away.

Employee Tracking System- Go Green And Save!Go green and save big! The employee tracking system is green and paperless. You save money in multiple ways. Instead of printing reports or time sheets, just have your employees download them! They can log-in and track their own time instead of managers constantly printing employee attendance reports. The employee tracking system requires no learning curves. No down time required, and everyone can use the system. You do not need to be any type of IT pro. By having a user friendly employee tracking system, all managers and staff will benefit.

Employee Tracking System Advantages- Let MinuteHound Support You

The employee tracking system provides round the clock customer service and support. If you ever need assistance, help is always a phone call away. In addition to support, lifetime updates and a lifetime guarantee is included. If for whatever reason you decide to cancel, you can return the scanner for your money back. Sleep well, MinuteHound is on the clock! The employee tracking system is the solution and spark you’re looking for. No long term obligations required. Upgrade your business today!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Employee Tracking System- Work Smarter, Not Harder!

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