Examples of Time Theft

Examples of Time Theft in the Workplace

Examples of time theft are apparent in every workplace.
Whether you know it or not, time theft occurs in your business.
Read on for Some of the Top Examples of time theft.
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Examples of Time Theft: Number 1 Buddy Punching

One of the straightforward examples of time theft is buddy punching.
Buddy punching pure and simple is when one employee clocks in or out for another.
An Example of time theft here could be as easy as one employee telling another to clock him in.
Sometime buddy punching examples of time theft are a little bit more complex.
For example, what if one manager is buddies with a few employees.
This manager “buddy” at the end of every pay cycle rounds up everyones hours.
This is just one of many great examples of time theft.
For another great article focusing on Employee Time Theft Visit this blog post.
This post delves into greater detail on this particular example of time theft.
Remember that between five and two percent of total payroll is buddy punching.

Examples of Time Theft: Number 2 Human Error

Probably one of the simplest examples of time theft is Human Error.
The American Payroll Association says. Between one and eight percent of total payroll is Human Error.
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Whether this is technically one of the examples of time theft is up for debate.
What is not up for debate is that business loose money due to human error.

What Can I do to cope with these examples of time theft

The first step to completely eliminate these examples of time theft is.
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Examples Time Theft in the Workplace.

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