Time Theft Management

Time Theft Management What Can a Manager do?

Time theft management can be a very tricky task.
Being a manager means having allot of responsibilities.
One of the key responsibilities of any manager is time theft management.
This task is difficult for many managers. Due to the close bond they have with
the employees.

Time Theft Management Example

Time theft management examples are in every work environment.
Here is a very common Time Theft Scenario.
Dustin is a manager his employee is Tom.
Tom shows up late to work 5 minutes everyday and leaves 20 minutes early.
Dustin and Tom have a normal business relationship.
When Tom shows up for work he always asks Dustin to clock him in.
Dustin clocks Tom in for the Time he should be there.
This is Time Theft. The American Payroll Association states that between
How can Dustin deal with this Time Theft Management?
2 and 5 percent of total payroll is due to this type of example.
To calculate how much your business could be saving visit this calculator.
For another Time Theft Management article with more examples.

Time Theft Management
Time Theft Management

What Can My Business due about Managing Time Theft

The MinuteHound TimeClock puts an end to all time theft.
The MinuteHound TimeClock utilize’s a biometric TimeClock.
The biometric TimeClock by MinuteHound is the most accurate in the world.
With a biometric timeclock Tom would have to clock in when he gets to work.
Tom could no longer clock in when he say’s he gets to work.
Another feature of the MinuteHound TimeClock.
Is the ability to send emails and text messages’ to employees if they are late or early to work.
These same messages can be sent to as many designated managers as your businesses sees fit.
This means that Dustin is no longer the one in charge of telling Tom about being a few minutes late.
The alerts are highly customizable.

Real Time Alerts to Manage Time Theft

The MinuteHound TimeClock alert system puts an end to tardy employees getting a free pass.
If we use Tom from our example. Think if he received a text every time he was late 5 minutes.
The alerts themselves would probably end the tardiness. Remember even if he does show up late
with the MinuteHound biometric fingerprint TimeClock.
Tom would only get paid for the hours he is actually at work.
As he should!
The alert’s are completely customizable and can say whatever your business see’s fit.
To learn more visit the MinuteHound TimeClock Website.
To get the short story on MinuteHound Watch the Video below.

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