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Fingerprint Clocking by Employees Saves Time and Money

Fingerprint clocking is exactly how it sounds: staff record their time via a finger or thumbprint. This form of time and attendance is proven to work, lowers costs, and provides a foolproof system for the workplace. Fingerprint clocking allows employees to simply arrive, take breaks, and leave for the day all by a simple swipe. The reason fingerprint clocking is so effective is because of verification. Before employees can record time worked, they have to be physically present and accountable. Buddy punching is over, and so is cheating. Fingerprint clocking brings honesty back to reporting.

Not only does fingerprint clocking provide accurate reports, it also prevents theft. The average employee steals 54 minutes of every workday. No more hour-long 30 minute lunch breaks. If employees don’t clock-in or out at their designated times, MinuteHound has the ability to alert managers in real time via email. Fingerprint clocking ensures employees are doing the right thing, and it takes minimal effort from management as the software is cloud based. The fingerprint scanner plugs into any computer, downloads the software, and updates employees information in real time.

How Fingerprint Clocking Works

The scanner is shipped after you create an account with MinuteHound. Once received just plug it in, install the software, and register employees. This entire process takes less then 10 minutes and MinuteHound always has tech support ready to answer questions you encounter. From this point on, employees simply swipe their finger or thumb to record time. The process takes about 2 seconds. No long lines and no pens or paper needed. Fingerprint clocking in is the safest and most secure form of biometric technology. Now every business can use MinuteHound to manage staff.

Data Stored in the Cloud is Safe and SecureCloud technology is the process of storing and retrieving information. Instead of saving it locally, say on a computer or portable drive, all information is stored in the cloud, which is a universal location. MinuteHound uses cloud technology to provide security, ease of use, and simplicity. Nothing is ever stored on your local machine, and all information is encrypted when being transferred. Even fingerprints are broken down, and images are ever saved.

Fingerprint Clocking- Prices and Fees

Fingerprint clocking is biometric technology combined with cloud based software. Although this sounds complicated, MinuteHound has made it very user-friendly! No IT skills are required, training is not needed, and no learning curves to worry about. Fingerprint clocking will show positive results from day one. The total price is $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location every month. No long term obligations required. Cancel whenever you want with no questions asked. Upgrade today and use fingerprint clocking in your business!

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Biometric Clocking InNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
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