Fingerprint Entry Time And Attendance System Reduces Payroll Expenses

Fingerprint Entry: Clock in Like a Pro With Just One Finger

By using a fingerprint entry system, employees get to work on time. Your staff will be able to clock-in under 2 seconds, with accuracy guaranteed. By using employee verification, a company has the ability to save money, and reduce costs. Fingerprint entry does not only save on payroll expenses, but time theft and fraud as well.

Fingerprint entry is a preferred biometric identification process because it’s simple, effective and safe. These systems are used for access to secure rooms and buildings. MinuteHound uses a fingerprint entry scanner system as an accurate time clock.

Adding an employee to MinuteHound is simple and only takes a minute or two. When the fingerprint is scanned, it’s encoded. There’s no record of the actual fingerprint on file. The system has created a binary number that it can match to future employee fingerprint scans. Fingerprint entry is safe, secure, and convenient. Privacy is maintained throughout the entire process. Employees using MinuteHound’s fingerprint entry system have peace of mind at all times.

How Fingerprint Entry Works

Employees can get nervous putting their eye up to a machine and having it scanned, but a finger press is nothing new or strange. Here are some tips for making the best fingertip impression using MinuteHound’s scanner.

Use the same finger, since fingerprint entry knows only the fingerprints you’ve already registered. Register the easiest finger to place on the scanner. For men, an index finger is usually the best choice, but for women a thumb may be a better size for scanning.

Not much pressure is required, but the glass on the fingerprint entry scanner is thick and solid so don’t worry about breaking it. Just press down firmly so that the print is nice and flat. It should take a couple of seconds at most to take the scan. You’ll see a bright green light, then a dark one, and then you’re done. Quick, fast, and easy! Fingerprint entry requires no training or guidance.

Fingerprint Entry Is Guaranteed Accurate. There Is No Fooling This System!

Save Money. Be Happy With A Fingerprint Entry System from MinuteHound!Did someone tell you that you can use a fake fingerprint made of rubber on fingerprint entry scanners? Maybe that’s true for some systems, but not the MinuteHound fingerprint entry system. Our technology requires an actual live finger.

If something happens to you and you can’t use the usual finger on the scanner, the system administrator can take care of that. She’ll just enter another fingerprint for you as a temporary or permanent substitute. You can continue clocking in on the fingerprint entry system the way you always do, just using a different finger.

Since you don’t have to use a card to clock in, you can also clock in on another location’s fingerprint entry scanner. If your administrator allows it, moving to another division or providing some additional help there is no problem. You can just keep scanning in as you did at your home location. It’s easy to get used to quick fingerprint entry and exit clocking at work.

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Entry: Save Money, Time, And Reduce Costs!

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