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The Advantages of Fingerprint Time and Attendance

Identity theft has become a prevalent problem in many countries, but with the introduction of fingerprint time and attendance systems, it is becoming a thing of the past. It has also helped curb employee badge theft, which often leads to more serious problems especially in companies that deal with sensitive client data. Fingerprint time and attendance helps to identify employees every time they check in for work.

Timekeeping and Access
Fingerprint time and attendance systems ensure accurate payroll. Employers use the scanning systems to confirm fingerprint time and attendance of employees. Absenteeism costs companies millions of dollars each year. Fingerprint time and attendance helps employees keep track of presence and absence of employees. Some employee errors may cause security breaches. A forgotten or misplaced badge might be used to access a restricted area. In addition, an employee who has forgotten his identification badge at home might be locked out by mistake. Fingerprint time and attendance help to enhance security by never having to worry about badges, cards, pins, etc.

Fingerprint time and attendance provide a reliable way of tracking employees without storing additional data. Employees do not have to worry about storing passwords and cards safely. Former employees and other unauthorized personnel can quickly and easily be removed from the list of people who are allowed to use the system. Biometric systems provide more accurate account of employee profiles than other systems.

Using fingerprint time and attendance allows companies to save on purchasing additional security materials and hardware. The systems use specialized applications to identify people by reading their fingerprints. Maintaining these systems is simple and usually involves upgrading the applications, which also cuts on security expenses. It eliminates the need to provide pass codes, maintaining inventory, and reprogramming badges. Biometric technology enables the recognition and study of the physical traits and profiles. This technology makes it possible to provide access control, identity management, and surveillance. Many companies are increasingly recognizing the effectiveness of fingerprint time and attendance systems and adopting the technology. MinuteHound uses this technology exclusively to monitor and track employee time.

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