Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews 2014 | Updated May 2014

Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews 2014 | Updated May 2014

What Do Reviews Say About Fingerprint Time Clock Technology?

Employees do everything from opening up shop to selling products. They are essential to running a business, but that does not mean they only bring profit. Time card errors often occur when there are inferior ways of tracking employees in place. Time clock software offers a simple, inexpensive way to save money and stop careless or deliberate errors. MinuteHound is one type of biometric technology that lets bosses track employee hours and attendance. Find out what people are saying about this software with fingerprint time clock reviews 2014.

What Is It?

MinuteHound is the subject of many fingerprint time clock reviews 2014 because it turns any computer into a clock in terminal. A scanner takes thumbprints to clock employees in and out and sends the information to the computer, which allows you to view the information in the cloud. Managers and bosses like this software because it installs in minutes, information can be viewed from anywhere and people cannot tamper with the data.

Error Free

While the scanner lets employees clock in without making mistakes, it also protects businesses. There is no way to edit the results to inflate a paycheck or clock in for someone else. You know within minutes when an employee clocks in, so this prevents tardiness and lets you know when you are short-staffed even when you are not in the office. Information from fingerprint time clock reviews 2014 indicates that businesses with this technology will save at least the estimated 5% of payroll that companies lose due to attendance fraud and mistakes.

Employee Benefits

This system also helps workers because it is simple, they do not have to keep track of their hours and their fingerprint data is not stored anywhere. Managers who use the technology recommend MinuteHound in fingerprint time clock reviews 2014 because it saves time by generating reports. This means supervisors can spend more time working instead of calculating and processing employee hours.

Comparing Fingerprint Time Clock Reviews 2014

Other attendance programs use fingerprinting and biometrics, but not all products are as advanced and secure as MinuteHound. Some systems are not web based or fully in the cloud; do not connect every branch and cannot detect fake fingerprints. It is also important to look for unlimited warranties and free updates when browsing fingerprint time clock reviews 2014.

Bottom Line

Monthly costs depend on the number of employees you have, but fingerprint time clock reviews 2014 estimate that MinuteHound offers a great deal compared to other brands. The high-tech scanner is available for less than $100, and most companies pay the equivalent of pennies a day for operating costs.

If you want to make your business run more smoothly while saving money, then fingerprint time clock reviews 2014 recommend MinuteHound.

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