Fingerprint Time Clock Why?

Why do you need a fingerprint time clock?

One of the biggest losses to a company is that of employee time theft. This is a combination of the company paying for time that was not actually worked, as well as a huge loss in productivity. If a person has his or her coworker say that he or she was there when, in reality, he or she was not, then the company thinks that work is being done that is not actually being performed. There is no way to have it adequately covered because there is no knowledge that the person is missing in the first place. In order to stop time theft from significantly affecting a company, a fingerprint time clock can be installed.

What is a Fingerprint Time Clock?

A fingerprint time clock
is a time clock that uses a fingerprint to identify which employee is clocking in for a shift, whether or not he or she is supposed to be clocking in, and at what time he or she started the shift. All of this information is recorded and stored for later usage, including by the payroll department to ensure that all hourly employees are paid for the time that is actually worked.

How Does a Fingerprint Time Clock Stop Time Theft?

A fingerprint time clock is able to stop time theft by removing any hope of a person being able to clock in unless he or she is actually present. With regular time clocks, it is possible for employees to share punch cards and ID numbers among one another. With a fingerprint time clock, time theft would involve sharing a finger, which is simply not possible.

Are There Other Advantages to Using a Fingerprint Time Clock?

There are many other advantages that are associated with using a fingerprint time clock. These advantages include a very easy setup process in which the time clock is simply plugged in and it can be ready to use. Another advantage is that the time clock tends to be a very affordable method of keeping track of employee shifts. The main expense is the machine itself. Once the machine is purchased, it costs as little as $1 per employee per week to maintain.

Fingerprint Time Clock Attendance Machine: Future Technology
The MinuteHound Time Clock Utilizes Fingerprints

A third benefit to using a fingerprint time clock is that it will send a message to an employer if an employee deviate from the planned schedule. This will allow the employer to shift around staff or call in more people to ensure that productivity is in no way hindered. This will also keep any money from being lost.

By using a time clock that uses a fingerprint to check in, it is possible to reduce time theft and keep a business running smoothly.

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