How Buddy Punching is Costing Your Business Money and What You Can Do About It

The Cost of Buddy Punching on Your Business

As an employer, you are probably familiar with the concept of “buddy punching,” where an employee asks a colleague to clock them in or out of work when they are not actually present. It may seem like a harmless act, but in reality, it is costing your business money and productivity.

According to the business blog PrimePay, buddy punching is a significant threat to your business’s bottom line. It not only lowers employee productivity but also leads to increased labor costs.

The Solution to Buddy Punching: Biometric Time Clocks

So, what can you do to prevent buddy punching and its negative impact on your business? The solution is to implement a biometric time clock system.

Biometric time clocks use an individual’s unique physical characteristics, such as a fingerprint or handprint, to identify employees and record their attendance. This technology eliminates the need for time cards and passwords, making it virtually impossible for employees to buddy punch.

One such biometric time clock system is MinuteHound, a cloud-based, affordable, and efficient software solution. Here are some of the advantages of using MinuteHound:

Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection – all your data is in the cloud, allowing you to stay up to date with what is going on in your office, even when you’re away.

Receive alerts about employee attendance directly to your email, ensuring that you are always in the loop.

Eliminates buddy punching – with MinuteHound, you can be sure that your employees are clocking in and out of work accurately.

Employees can check their hours worked at any time, which promotes transparency and reduces the likelihood of disputes.

Employees can clock in and out at any MinuteHound scanner in your company, making the process seamless and efficient.

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The Cost of Not Addressing Buddy Punching

The cost of not addressing buddy punching can be significant. Here are some of the ways that it can impact your business:

Lost productivity – When employees are not present at work, they are not being productive. Buddy punching can lead to a lack of accountability, which can result in lost productivity.

Increased labor costs – When employees are not accurately recording their hours worked, it can lead to overpayment for time not worked. This can add up to significant labor costs over time.

Decreased employee morale – When some employees are getting away with buddy punching, it can lead to resentment among those who are not. This can lead to decreased morale and lower productivity across the board.

Legal and regulatory issues – Failure to accurately record employee hours can lead to legal and regulatory issues, including wage and hour disputes.

The Benefits of Biometric Time Clocks

Implementing biometric time clocks in your business can have several benefits, including:

Increased accuracy – Biometric time clocks ensure that employees are accurately recording their hours worked, which can save your business money in the long run.

Increased efficiency – Biometric time clocks eliminate the need for manual time cards and passwords, which can save your business time and resources.

Increased transparency – Employees can access their hours worked at any time, which promotes transparency and reduces the likelihood of disputes.

Increased security – Biometric time clocks provide an added layer of security, as they are virtually impossible to hack or bypass.


Buddy punching is a serious problem that can cost your business money, productivity, and employee morale. However, by implementing a biometric time clock system

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