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Why Payroll Control Is So Important

No matter what your product or service is, payroll control is the backbone of every company. Every single year, American businesses report losses in the billions of dollars due to improper payroll control. Time theft and human error are the leading causes of how businesses suffer from lost time and money. With the proper time and attendance in place, companies can regain the edge in reducing cost, increasing their savings and profits. The size of your company does not matter. Employees have to be paid for their time worked. Payroll control can make a huge difference between success and failure. Not only with your bottom-line, but also time. With MinuteHound’s payroll control software, conducting payroll is now a breeze. With just a few clicks, reports are exported into any existing accounting system you currently use.

MinuteHound’s payroll control software displays an Excel based wage calculation table. You only need to add the hourly rate being paid and then total it up. You then have the choice to print this information, export it to a spreadsheet, PDF, Excel or ASCII. The payroll control software will provide you with detailed time and attendance reports. Once this system is in place, payroll is now automated. Stress and error free. No more adding up time cards or sheets. The days of banging your head against the wall to find missing numbers are over.

How Payroll Control Software Works For Your Business

So how does payroll control software work? After setting up an account, a fingerprint time clock is mailed to you. Free shipping and handling. This is the driving force of how the system works. It completely replaces your current form of time and attendance. No more time sheets, cards, badges, pins, ID’s, or passwords. The fingerprint time clock is a biometric scanner. This scanner is the size of a computer mouse. From now on, all your employees have to do is swipe their finger. When they arrive, leave, or take a break a simple fingerprint will record their movement down to the second.

Payroll Control Software Gives You Flexibility and Support. Get That Weight Off Your Back! Once you plug in your biometric scanner, the payroll control software is downloaded. This entire process takes about ten minutes. There is no downtime with this system. No training required. No learning curve for you or your staff to overcome. After the payroll control software is downloaded, you begin to register your employees. Now, there is no more sharing of information between friends at work. No more covering for each other or fudging the reports. Now, employers are guaranteed accurate and true reports. Payroll control automation software from MinuteHound is all you need. It is a complete package for your business.

Payroll Control Software Puts You In Control

The best part of MinuteHound’s payroll control software is the flexibility it gives employers and managers. The entire system is accessible from anywhere, at anytime. You can log on from anywhere and check on your staff. It is also mobile. From your iPhone, Droid, tablet, or iPad you can log on and view reports. The payroll control software records information live. For employers and managers, this is a dream come true. Now, you can log on and view start/end times, departments, employee information, etc. You can be at your favorite restaurant or in your home. This system makes tracking employee movement very easy. It also means, employees stay honest 24/7. There is no cheating this system. Payroll control software is your personal HR assistant ensuring accurate reporting.

Payroll control software is exactly what your business needs. This entire system is so cost effective, it pays for itself from the first day. You will notice a change in your office within days. Start saving the first month and put time back on the clock. Current clients of MinuteHound range from every type of industry you can think of. This payroll control software works. It is test and tried and proven true. Technology is great, and now it is clicks away from working for you. The entire system is 100% risk free. Round the clock support and lifetime updates. No long term commitment. Cancel at anytime. Make the switch today. Upgrade your business instantly!

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
Time Clock Calculator
See For Yourself Why MinuteHound Is Top Dog. Compare Our System Vs Others

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