Kim Kardashian feuds with MADMEN star Jon Hamm over Time Clock Software?

Jon Hamm and Kim Kardashian are feuding over Time Clock Software??

Kim Kardashian says Jon Hamm started it!

What is your opinion on pop culture? Do you have any certain views when it comes to reality TV? Any thoughts about companies or organizations? Well Jon Hamm certainly does!
“Whether it’s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated, being a [expletive] idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture. You’re rewarded significantly.” Jon Hamm in an interview with Elle Magazine
Wow! Someone tell Jon Hamm to let us know what he really thinks!
Nonetheless Kim Kardashian had her own opinion. And the bottom line is right or wrong, reality TV is a business, and a very profitable one at that.
“Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates, ‘stupid,’ is in my opinion careless.”– Tweet from Kim Kardashian

Whose side are you on!

Most people are typically on one side or the other on this topic. Either your a fan of Kim Kardashian and her show, or with your Jon Hamm and mad that shows like hers even exist!
However regardless of your thoughts on the culture of reality TV, it is big business. Reality TV means big bucks for most networks these days.
Kim Kardashian has a valid point that she is more than just someone in front of the camera. She does produce, create content, and everything in between.
She works very hard to promote her show just like Jon Hamm does his, however his show is not reality, it has writers and a slew of talented actors.
This concept can be applied to just about any market can it not? Pepsi or Coke? Mac or PC? iPhone or Droid? Who is to say which is better, whose side are you on?

The power of the Consumer!

The answer to the above question, on whose side are you on, is yours! Your opinion is what matters most is it not? Therefore your always going to choose what best suites you.
If you like Pepsi more than Coke, or prefer the iPhone over the Droid, or if you love Kim Kardashian and reality TV is your very own prerogative. Major companies put millions into advertising to try and sway you from your own opinion.
They do not advertise because your already a loyal member of Sprint or Verizon, they advertise for all those that do not share your loyalties.
I pose that same philosophy to all business owners, what are your loyalties? What is it you do to make your company a success? Is there anything you should try to save costs, maximize your profits?

Why fight over Time Clock Software?

That is a very good question, why would Jon Hamm and Kim Kardashian fight over time clock software?
For the same exact reasons as they fight over reality TV, or fast food, your favorite band, or movie, or any product you feel strongly for, or against.
Every business should fight for their company and constantly strive to find ways to reduce overhead and costs, in order to invest more money into their own interests.
MinuteHound TimeClock is simply the most unique, cost effective, advanced biometric time and attendance software in the business! We try our best to improve our brand everyday.
Does your business do the same? Can your company claim that you use the most advanced cost effective time and attendance on the market? If that answer is no, then you need to call us today (800) 351-7237!

Change is good! If it’s not broke, UPGRADE!

Does your business TimeClock alert you if someone does not show up for work? Does it e-mail you or send you a text if your employee clocks in late or leaves early?
If your on a business trip, can you log in and view live reporting 24/7? Is your TimeClock green? Does it save you money on payroll, while only costing you pennies a day?
That is what MinuteHound fights for, our loyalties are with our clients! Whether your an advertising agency or a reality TV star running your own business, we have a solution that works for all!
No one should be able to tell someone else if their product is not worthy, only the consumer can do that! We want all to experience MinuteHound for yourself.
Don’t worry about risk, we take care of that for you as well! Upgrade to MinuteHound today and save yourself some money, who can feud over that?

We hope no matter whose side your on, we all agree that saving money is the right choice!
Start saving today! Visit our Website for any additional information.
Best of luck to Jon Hamm and MADMEN and of course Kim Kardashian and all her ventures as well!

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  1. James,
    I loved the line: Change is good! If it’s not broke, UPGRADE!
    Keep providing us with these insightful articles.

    1. Willingness to change and adapt is very important in business.
      The MinuteHound TimeClock and Time Clock Software is the future.

  2. O Forget her already! Jon Hamm is so right! Glad I found this, I love that Mr. Don Draper!

  3. Who does he think he is anyways? I bet she even makes more money which makes him a mad man. Go Kim!

  4. MADMEN!! Last nights episode rocked! Thanks for sharing and post more please

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  6. I found this on Yahoo since the new season of MadMen just came out. Jon Hamm is just as smart as Don Draper that’s for sure!

  7. Great articles and I am very pleased to have found this by accident! I will be back as this is a great blog to subscribe too!

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