Steve Nash’s TimeClock is Running Out

TimeClock Steve Nash

The TimeClock on Steve Nash’s title hopes are running out

Steve Nash is a 38 year old future NBA hall of famer that was born in South Africa, however he was raised in Canada. Nash is stuck on a bad team yet again and at the tender age of 38 one has to wonder how much time is left on Steve Nash’s TimeClock. His numbers are still as amazing as ever; as he is averaging 13.6 points per game on 54.4 percent shooting from the field. He is leading the league in assists yet again at 11 per game and is boding well to a jam packed schedule forced from the lockout.  By no means is Steve showing any signs of slowing pace but will he be able to lead the Suns to a title and cement his legacy before his illustrious career comes to an end?  With the trade deadline just days away and Nash’s contract expiring at the end of this year one has to wonder.

Nash has said he doesn’t want to be traded and the Suns have expressed that they want to move into the future with Nash. But is it still possible that the Suns trade for Nash while they can?  Not only is it possible that a Nash trade could help the Suns in the long run, but many people share the same opinion I do that the Suns owe the aging point guard one last shot before his TimeClock runs out.

Where Nash Could Wind Up?

Nash could end up in several places but the  team I believe Steve is most likely to end up if a trade does indeed occur is the Orlando Magic.  Orlando would be willing to do anything to try and persuade there big man Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando, which includes making some kind of swap for the point guard who has proven with Amare Stoudemire  and now with Marcian Gortat, that center’s are simply just better with him then without.  With the TimeClock on the trade deadline approaching will Steve be moved? Personally I believe he will stay with the Suns but in the NBA crazier things have happened.

Please leave some feedback, where do you think Steve Nash will end up?

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  1. I don’t think they’ll trade Nash.

  2. Phoenix needs to sell tickets, Nash is the best way to do that. However if they can pull off a nice trade, he might go elsewhere. Don’t forget he was with Dallas before going back to Phoenix in ’04. Will be interesting to see!

  3. Good luck to Steve, traded or not his time and clock are ticking strong.

  4. interesting information you wrote here, keep posting please.\

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