Is Kim Kardashian losing sleep because of her old TimeClock?

Kim Kardashian is Once Again Making Headlines!

Kim Kardashian Cant Sleep
Kim Kardashian Cant Sleep

“Can’t sleep tonight…”-Tweet from Kim Kardashian
Just a day after defending herself as impressively intelligent against remarks made by actor John Hamm, Kim Kardashian says she can’t sleep and tweeted the above photo.
Unlike others who might try medication, meditation, mediation, or motivation, Kim Kardashian had what appears to be a professional photo shoot to display her business savvy and promote her new line of lingerie.
Say what you want about Kim Kardashian but she is constantly promoting her business ventures.
Apparently, her laptop and the time clock she uses to keep track of her employees is mistakenly just out of the frame!

Help yourself and Kim have peace of mind!

Everyone needs their beauty sleep.
Kim does, and you do, too.
Guarding yourself against celebrity remarks may not be what you have to do. However if you have employees, you do have to guard your outgoing expenses such as payroll.
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Costing pennies a day, MinuteHound works for you for far less money than Kim’s photographer, but you will be looking just as good!

“Why is everybody always pickin’ on me?”

This may be the tune sung by Kim and the old timeclock system.
Get rid of the timeclock that’s over a century old and plagued with problems.
MinuteHound elimiates not only the pitfalls of the old punch-in-and-out way, but those unattracive dark circles that must be under Kim’s eyes from sleep deprivation!
Why doesn’t all business owners take Kim Kardashians lead and make the move to MinuteHound and bask in the admiration for your mutual intelligence!

It is time to flip that switch to MinuteHound!

Switching is fast, easy, and nearly effortless.
Cloud based, fully customer supported 24/7, MinuteHound is always on the job with biometric fingerprinting that employees will like as well.
You can have instant readings of employee hours, be alerted if anyone is late, it’s Green, and it can work in any size workplace.
Not only that, but today you can boast that Kim Kardashian helped you with this great decision!
Maybe John Hamm has no arguement after all.
Start sleeping tonight and call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today!
You will see all the benefits and wonder what you ever did without it!

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  1. James,
    Great line: Apparently, her laptop and the time clock she uses to keep track of her employees is mistakenly just out of the frame!

    Good thinking with that picture. Keep more of these coming.

  2. You are really clever! I have been reading this since you put them on and I’m going to tell my boss about your system. This is a great way to cultivate business!

    1. Hello and Thank you Arthur! We work very hard and always so nice to hear such positive feedback. If you or your boss has any questions at all please e-mail us or check out our site for any additional info! Please visit us again soon as we love hearing from you! Take Care!

  3. I agreed, this is a fantastic article! Great and perfect writing style. Next time I can’t sleep I will tweet photos! Thanks Kim!

    1. Hello Aimée and thanks for your comments! Yes I suppose Kim has started a new cure when you can’t sleep! Don’t just lay there and count sheep! Do something productive like take some pictures! We add new content everyday so please check back often and let us know what you think!

  4. Nice post, thanks! Please post more pics of Kim!

    1. Hello Denise and thanks for your idea. I am actually about to write another blog about another trending star! Please bookmark us and find out who, and I guarantee a pic just for you Denise! Take care and enjoy your week.

    2. Do you really have to ask why?This idiot plans a garriame after THREE WEEKS of dating Humphries. She wanted a husband. That’s it. Any stupid schmuck could have fit that role. She was never in love with this guy. It’s really not surprising that this garriame didn’t last. There was no foundation.Kim Kardashian is nothing but human waste. She has no talent, no skill, and is known for nothing more than giving Ray J a bl0wj0b on camera. She treats garriame as if it were a joke. She made MILLIONS off of this sham of a wedding, and she could be putting her cash to good use. Like starting a charity, helping the poor in our own country. But no. All she cares about is herself, and her own image. Was this answer helpful?

  5. Thank you ever so for you article post! Is Kim still losing sleep? Maybe she will give us more pictures!

  6. Nice blog! Thanks buddy!

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  9. Wow, great blog article.Really thank you! Really Cool.
    I have been considering making the switch to a new Time Clock.
    MinuteHound looks like a great option.

  10. Kim Kardashian’s flesh is a work in progress, gjnuidg from her newly pumped-up (face) cheeks and silicone-enhanced lips. She’s her mother’s daughter, out there every day in every way, selling all she’s got (and it ain’t brains) to anybody buying. I guess the question, in post-modern parlance, is what does a Kim Kardashian mean ?One of the most amusing things about Kim and her endless exposure of tits and asssss, is that after she does an aptly named spread, she publicly and I mean this LITERALLY whines and cries about how stupid she feels about it or how badly she was used or how they promised not to show my ass crack Is there anything about this vapid, utterly empty, appallingly vain young woman that is not a self-created joke?

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  14. Can you pretty please post more pics of Kim!!!

  15. I wish I looked that good in my sleep!

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