L.A. Lakers End of Season Report: Is the TimeClock Running Out? What Is The Future?

With the season coming to a close what will happen with the inconsistent Lakers?

The NBA trade deadline is closing in! It is rapidly becoming more and more probable that no big moves will be made with this Lakers squad. What is the future?

Personally, I don’t see Lakers management trading Pau Gasol this late. They simply won’t get equal value elsewhere. What I do believe will happen are some small moves that will help the Lakers where they really need it.  Two moves that I could see happening and helping the Lakers out immensely are:

  • Trade the first round pick to The Memphis Grizzlies for their talented small forward, Michael Beasly.
  • Make a big move for Ramon Sessions, the backup Point Guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers using the trade exception they acquired in the Lamar Odom deal.

While some would say that these trades aren’t large enough to truly make an impact, I ask you to look at what’s wrong with the Lakers.

Most people believe that the problems with the Lakers rest at the point guard position as well as the small forward spot and of course the usually anemic bench. Ramon Sessions, when given a chance, has shown that he can play against elite point guards in the NBA. Beasly, while being known to be a distraction off the court, can score. This is exactly what the Lakers need from thier small forward. Naturally, Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest. And Derek Fisher, will slot down to coming off the bench which will give the terrible, worst in the NBA bench, of the Los Angeles Lakers a much needed boost.

Having said all of that the lakers currently are atop the Pacific division and are the third seed in the West. Only two games behind of the Spurs for the second spot, the Lakers are still a great team.  If these moves are made, I believe the Lakers instantly become a contender. Everyone seems to forget they have two scoring seven foot big men and one of the best to ever lace em up, Kobe Bryant.

It is true that the Lakers have had struggles in the regular season. But they are built for the half court-slowed down-grind it out-kind of basketball played in the playoffs. With the TimeClock running out on the regular season. Kobe Bryant is going to be ready to prove the doubters wrong again exactly where he excels. In the NBA playoffs.

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  1. Kobe looks like one mean basketball player! Good luck to the Lakers, but it rarely seems like they need it. Those guys are always on fire.

  2. You have to love what Oklahoma and Chicago are doing this year, but with one of the best players ever on the Lakers hard to ever count them out. As long as Miami doesn’t win most NBA fans will be happy! Great article Mike, really enjoy reading your posts!

  3. great job. keep it up.

  4. Glad I found it, I realize the points your making. I mean its over now but hey better late than never!

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