Modernizing Your Attendance System with Biometric Time Clocks

The Benefits of Upgrading to Biometric Attendance Punching Machines

Are you still relying on outdated time clock technology to monitor your employees’ attendance and working hours? If yes, it’s time to switch to modern biometric Attendance Punching Machines like the MinuteHound. Invented in 1888, traditional time clocks have hardly changed since then and come with several flaws. According to the American Payroll Association, over $148 billion is lost yearly due to ineffective time and attendance systems, and time theft accounts for 5-10% of all payroll costs.

This blog post will discuss the benefits of upgrading to biometric Attendance Punching Machines for your business, how they work, and why the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine is the best option for your business.

Flaws of Traditional Time Clocks

Traditional time clocks identify employees with punch cards, badges, or pins. Unfortunately, these methods are susceptible to errors and time theft. Employees can share cards or badges, which can lead to buddy punching and losses for your business. Additionally, cards or badges can become lost, misplaced, or mixed up with those of other employees, leading to costly mistakes. These issues accumulate over time and can cost businesses an average of $1,100 per employee per year.

The Benefits of Biometric Attendance Punching Machines

Unlike traditional time clocks, biometric Attendance Punching Machines identify employees with their fingerprints or FaceDetects. This unique identification method eliminates the possibility of employees sharing cards or badges and reduces the risk of time theft. Biometric Attendance Punching Machines are also more accurate and reliable since fingerprint or FaceDetects cannot be lost, forgotten, or mixed up with those of other employees.

How the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine Works

The MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine is a cost-effective and easy-to-use biometric scanner that can be plugged into a USB port of any PC. The biometric scanner identifies employees quickly and accurately by their fingerprints or FaceDetects. The scanner does not store fingerprint or FaceDetect images; instead, it converts each fingerprint or FaceDetect into a binary number and stores it in a remote server location. This method is safer than onsite data storage since it reduces the risk of data breaches.

Additional Features of the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine

The MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine comes with several additional features that make it the best option for businesses. The monthly fees associated with the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine are based on the number of employees and locations, ensuring that businesses only pay for what they need. MinuteHound also offers an online portal for creating customized reports, making payroll processing more efficient and easy to manage.

Cost-Effective Solution

Upgrading to a biometric Attendance Punching Machine like the MinuteHound is a cost-effective solution for businesses. The upfront costs are minimal, and the savings can begin within minutes. Additionally, MinuteHound offers an array of reports that provide businesses with detailed insights into their employee time clock data. This information can be used to identify patterns and optimize business operations, leading to additional cost savings.

The MinuteHound Time Clock Price

Businesses interested in upgrading to the MinuteHound Attendance Punching Machine can use the Time Clock Calculator on their website to determine the cost of the system based on their specific needs. MinuteHound also offers a comparison tool on their website to help businesses see the benefits of their system compared to others in the market.


In conclusion, upgrading to a biometric Attendance Punching Machine like the MinuteHound is an intelligent decision for businesses that want to reduce time theft, eliminate errors, and save money. Biometric scanners are more accurate and reliable than traditional time clocks and provide

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