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A Time Clock for Salaried Employees

The Salary Time Clock.
The promotion from hourly to salary employee often marks a giant milestone.
Many companies follow this rather standard practice of starting employees as paid by the hour.
And then giving them a promotion, which includes an increase in pay, and a reduced emphasis on accountability for time spent at work.
So why in the world do many employers ask their salaried employees to clock in on a Salary Time Clock such as MinuteHound?

Answers Abound…
Here are a few reasons why employers choose to use a Salary Time Clock.
1. A Salary Time Clock allows for a schedule deviation alerts system.
2. Even when not paid by the hour. A Salary Time Clock can reduce payroll money spent on wasted time.
3. A Salary Time Clock can help an absentee owner maintain control over his/her business.
4. Salary Time Clock usage by salaried employees helps to ease the divide salary and hourly employees.

An Examination of the Reasons
1. The MinuteHound patented time clock software technology. Allows for custom real time alerts to be sent via text message or email to whomever you designate.
For example, an employee clocks in 10-minutes late on their MinuteHound Salary Time Clock. The employee can be sent a text message reminding them to arrive on time.
While simultaneously the business owner can receive an email alert of the employee’s schedule deviation.
This is useful for both salary and hourly employees.
2. Don’t pay for wasted time! Salaried employees can be required to adhere to a work schedule, just like hourly employees. If a salaried employee does not clock in punctually on their Salary Time Clock. They can be reprimanded.
3. Know who is on the clock in real time from any device with an internet connection. Use your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or any other device to check your employees clock in status in real time. Enjoy the beaches of Costa Rica while you periodically check who is present back at the office.
4. Increase your hourly employees’ self-esteem by making sure they know that everyone clocks in on the time clock. Hourly Time Clock & Salary Time Clock.

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