Simple Attendance Software For your Business This Christmas

Why Use MinuteHound Software to Track Attendance Data?

Software has taken over almost every aspect of our daily lives in many ways. Most of us are aware of software in our computers, automobiles, television sets and video games, but did you know that companies are switching over to software-operated time clocks? For many years, large groups of computer programmers have been coming up with simple and elegant ways of making the task of payroll processing more streamlined. Without these savvy computer programmers, the life of the payroll processor would be far more complicated.

Simplify Your Payroll Processing with MinuteHound’s Simple Attendance Software

MinuteHound has created a simple attendance software. The system uses a fingerprint scanner to punch in and out. The system is designed to simplify the process of payroll processing and prevent time theft. Although your actual savings may vary, clients have reported an average savings of 5 percent. Here’s how:

  • Cost effective – The MinuteHound simple attendance software has very little overhead. The software typically costs MinuteHound clients pennies per day.

  • No timecards to lose – Lost time cards are a thing of the past. MinuteHound’s simple attendance software stores time and attendance data on a secured cloud server instead of a paper time card.

  • Organization – Data is organized into charts and graphs for easy review. Searching for specific data is only a few keystrokes away!

  • Ease of access – MinuteHound’s simple attendance software allows you to access stored data by putting in a username and password. You can also assign access to payroll employees by creating a username and password for payroll as well.

  • Control access to data – Permissions settings help you control how much access to grant or prevent unauthorized changes.

  • No training needed – MinuteHound’s simple attendance software is easy to install and operate. Just plug in the small USB scanning device and install the software by following the on-screen instructions. Once this is done, MinuteHound’s simple attendance software is ready to accept data.

  • Automatic flagging system – MinuteHound’s system red-flags suspected time theft and will send you an alert via Email or instant message.

Free Trial Program

MinuteHound is so confident that you will love their simple attendance software that they have provided a free trial. You can preview the software for 21 days free of charge. To take advantage, visit the MinuteHound website and fill out the simple form. Technical support will be available to answer any questions you have.

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Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Simple Attendance Software.

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