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Easily Track Employee Time From Anywhere and Everywhere!

This holiday season most employers add extra employees in order to make sure they can keep up with demand. Whether it is retail, warehouse, online, or any other type of business most companies can need an extra hand. No matter what type of environment these employees are working in, the common link between them all is they don’t work for free! No one works for free and then on top of paying employees you have to worry about local, state, and federal laws. MinuteHound has been helping companies track employee time and keep reports for close to a decade now. Time and attendance is staple in organizations, and MinuteHound is low-cost but highly effective. Offering a wide range of benefits that assist companies with employee and human resources. MinuteHound not only helps keep employee time but lowers costs and reduces spending.

How MinuteHound Works

It is so simple to use MinuteHound and track employee time! All anyone has to do is plug the scanner into a PC and then enroll your employees. No fingerprints are ever kept on file and 100% safe to use. However, because employees have to record their time using their fingerprint, all forms of time theft and fraud are gone. No more friends covering for each other or someone marking down time they didn’t actually work. Around the holidays, most of the part-time temp employees know its only a matter of time before they have to go. They will squeeze out every minute they can. This is why tracking employee time with MinuteHound is needed. Managers don’t even need to be there. MinuteHound keeps everyone honest by design. There is no other way to record time and get paid unless the employee is physically present. Employee time is kept to honest hours only, and payroll costs go down which means more savings for the owner and the company.

Seasonal and Yearly Pricing for Tracking Employee Time

MinuteHound is very transparent with pricing. You can visit their price page and see for yourself exactly what you will pay. It is based off of employees and number of locations. The best part of MinuteHound is–you’re not locked into anything! Need services for just a couple months? No problem, as MinuteHound does not require any commitments. Use it when you need it, and not when you don’t. Employee time tracking typically happens all year round but if you’re business is seasonal then you are safe with MinuteHound. You will only ever pay for what you use and nothing else. Try it today risk free!

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MinuteHound Employee Time Tracking.

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