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Changing attendance tracking systems is a headache. There’s no point in denying that simple fact. Almost every attendance system available has its own way of doing things. This would be fine if any of them were remotely intuitive. All most companies want is some simple attendance software that they don’t need to train for two months on. This is where MinuteHound comes in. No more headaches or wasted money. Simple attendance software makes a managers life easier.

MinuteHound, as you may be aware, uses biometrics and simple attendance software to track employee attendance. This carries two major benefits. The first is the fact that there’s almost no difficult installation. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. All you do is plug in the scanner, download the software, and follow the step-by-step instructions. The second is the extremely simple attendance software itself. Payroll is a breeze, and information is now clicks away at all time. It is so cost effective, the simple attendance software will end up paying for itself. There are a number of other benefits, as well, but these are the two that make most people smile.

Simple Attendance Software Works For You

The rather small and easy-to-use biometric pad is the first benefit. There’s no clunky console to wire into the wall. You don’t have to spend a day printing off dozens of employee cards. The pad connects to a computer and you’re done installing the hardware. This alone would be a huge benefit, since you don’t need to hire anyone to install it, but it gets better. Since the simple attendance software uses a biometric pad, there’s no need to make anything for your employees to carry. MinuteHound uses biometrics, fingerprints, to identify them. Simple, easy to maintain, and a load off your wallet.

Plug Into Savings With Simple Attendance SoftwareHowever, that would be practically meaningless if it didn’t have simple attendance software to go with it. Luckily, that’s exactly what Minutehound does have. The simple attendance software requires virtually no training to use. This means no waiting a month before you can use the new system. It also means that you’re not losing money in the interim. In fact, using the simple attendance software and the pad only costs a couple cents a day for most clients. Take a moment and think about that, compared to the system you use now.

Simple Attendance Software: No Long Term Obligations Required

That’s really the bottom line, after all. The greatest system in the world would be useless if it wasn’t cost effective. MinuteHound, however, goes beyond simply being cost effective. Simple attendance software also features lifetime updates, at no extra cost. The low monthly subscription fee you pay covers technical support, the alert system, and all other features. Compare it to the system you currently use. Think about how much money you’ve had to pour into it over the years. Between installation, training, and upkeep, it’s easy to see that MinuteHound’s simple attendance software is superior by far.

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