How Any Business Can Benefit And Save By Using A Biometric Clock

The Many Benefits Of Having A Biometric Clock

Reducing time and attendance abuse is just one of the benefits that you will receive from MinuteHound’s biometric clock. MinuteHound uses fingerprints from employees to ensure that one worker does not punch in for another. In addition to saving on payroll expenses, the biometric clock makes management easy. The system is designed to make sure workers are assigned to the right place. You can be at home, in a restaurant, or in the office and have access. Make your life easier.

The biometric clock is cloud-based, which means managers always know the situation and can log in from anywhere. While many business owners take advantage of remote access, others rely on the text messages or emails that are sent. These messages alert managers when employees are late for work or miss a shift. Overtime will never surprise you. The biometric clock will notify you in real time if employees forget to clock-in or out.

Because MinuteHound made their biometric clock to read the fingerprints of each worker, it allows you to save on payroll expenses. With MinuteHound, time clock abuse is eliminated. There is no way that employees can buddy punch in for one another. To make the most of the technology, each client receives a fingerprint scanner. There are no long instruction manuals to read, and you can count on MinuteHound for plug-and-play. In addition, MinuteHound’s biometric clock will cost your business pennies a day. The system is risk free to try, and no long-term commitments are required. Since you can pay as you go, and you can cancel at any time, you can see how much money your firm saves.

The Biometric Clock Engineered Exclusively For Business Owners

The biometric clock system from MinuteHound makes it easy for your managers to have the right workers on shift. The system is so advanced that it alerts management with an email or text when a worker is late or leaves early. With the automatic notification system in place, your managers can quickly respond and ensure staffing levels are correct. The system is even cloud-based to make sure you or your managers can access it from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection, and you can easily see who is at work.

Start Saving With A Biometric ClockDetailed time and attendance reports are issued with the software. When you take advantage of the biometric clock, there is no longer any need to keep bulky time cards or paper records. Secure data transfer is assured, and the biometric clock uses 128-bit encryption for optimal protection. Safety and security of your information is guaranteed. Even fire, smoke, or water damage would never harm your reports. The biometric clock stores nothing locally. Someone could even steal the scanner itself and it wouldn’t matter. Peace of mind for every user.

Save 5% On Payroll With A Biometric Clock

By using the biometric clock, you gain many advantages. Many companies immediately notice a 5 percent reduction in their payroll. Live and friendly support whenever you need it. The system is risk free to try, and there are no long-term obligations. You can cancel at anytime, for any reason. When you are looking for the most advanced way to monitor attendance and production, MinuteHound’s biometric clock is an affordable option that delivers savings.

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