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MinuteHound: More Than Just A Simple Timeclock

If your not using biometrics, then your using a simple timeclock. Whether your business is large or small, it is very important to manage how long employees are “on the clock.” This is the process of storing and recalling data about when a worker comes to work or leaves at the end of their shift. Until the advent of more advanced digital solutions, this was accomplished using a “simple timeclock.” This was either a mechanical device that stamped time cards, a computerized system or a combination of the two. The simple timeclock provided basic employee time accounting, but it has begun to show its age.

A simple timeclock usually relies on paper time cards. These cards are stamped whenever an employee clocks in or not. The information can also be stored as an electronic record. Both of these implementations of the simple timeclock require messy organization and the storage of a great deal of records. MinuteHound features cloud computing. Now, all your files are clicks away at all times. A simple timeclock does not even come close in this regard. Make life easier by choosing MinuteHound.

The Simple Timeclock Falls Short

Another big shortcoming of the simple timeclock is that it is easy for employees to clock each other in. By doing so, they can get away with working less hours than they should. They can clock in late or leave from their shift early. The reason for this problem with the simple timeclock is that employees typically clock in by name or an assigned number. By sharing the employee number, it is easy for employees to steal time from the work place. Because of the complexity of the paperwork and how many time cards there are to manage, workers can easily steal time, either a minute here and there or hours at a time.
Go Green And Save With MinuteHound
MinuteHound workplace time accounting has arrived and is able to correct all these problems. It is a complete replacement for the simple timeclock. Its features include:

– Employees clock in and out using a fingerprint
– All information is stored “in the cloud” so that there is no paperwork to handle
– Data is stored with 128-bit encryption, which keeps it away from prying eyes
– When an employee clocks in late or leaves early, the boss can be informed immediately via text message and/or email
MinuteHound is easy to install and fully “plug and play”
– Support for all standard office computers due to its web based interface
MinuteHound is risk free. No long term commitments required.
– A simple timeclock require’s extra paper supplies. MinuteHound is 100% paperless.

MinuteHound Beats Any Simple Timeclock Any Day

With these advantages in mind, it should be clear why MinuteHound is the perfect way to manage your company’s time accounting. In almost all cases, MinuteHound is more cost effective than any simple timeclock you will find online. Also please keep in mind, a simple timeclock expires. Typically if you have a problem, you will have to replace the simple timeclock with a new one. Not only is that not a very good plan, it’s expensive. MinuteHound however is a true solution. Lifetime updates and round the clock support are included. You pay a very low monthly subscription fee, and receive the latest in modern technology. It’s current, and stays cutting edge. You have nothing to lose by trying MinuteHound as it’s risk free. Ditch your old simple timeclock, and upgrade to savings today!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Simple Timeclock: Upgrade to Biometrics And Change The Way You Do Business!

We are confident in our business. Be just as confident in yours.
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