Biometric Enrollment: Quick, Fast, Safe And Secure Office Technology

Biometric Enrollment – The One Minute Signup

On an employee’s first day there are many things to do. Some of them take a lot of time. Signing up on the time clock isn’t one of them, if it’s MinuteHound biometric enrollment. It takes about a minute to identify the worker on the computer and take a fingerprint scan. Biometric enrollment is the term for gathering data from the person. For MinuteHound, it’s just a quick finger scan. The employee record gets a unique key to connect daily finger scans with each person’s time record. In under a minute, the biometric enrollment is complete.

From that point on, clocking in and out takes about 2 seconds. A quick scan of the finger does the job. However keep in mind images are never stored. Information is always safe and private. During the biometric enrollment, the print is broken down into a number. It is a one in a trillion type number, a very unique key. When that fingerprint is scanned, the MinuteHound system knows just who’s clocking in. Biometric enrollment saves time, is safe, and very convenient.

Biometric Enrollment is Safe and Secure

A few employees might have questions about biometric enrollment. Modern technology has raised so many questions about privacy. However, there is never a reason to worry. 128-bit encryption keeps private information private. Peace of mind for you and your staff. All the data is stored in the cloud, which means not only is your information safe, but clicks away whenever you need it.

Each time the employee clocks in or out, it generates the same number from the fingerprint. That code, similar to an employee number, is what MinuteHound uses to save time data with the employee’s record. No one can take that number and turn it back into a fingerprint. Employers are glad to know that biometric enrollment is a standard and secure means of identification. It’s used in the military and in other secure environments. Not only does it ensure unique identification of one person, but it also links to him/her physically rather than by something he carries or wears.

Biometric Enrollment Is Safe and Easy To Setup

Biometric Enrollment: MinuteHound Fingerprint TechnologyMinuteHound’s biometric enrollment of a fingerprint means translating those details into a unique number through one-way encryption. That’s an encoding that can’t be reversed. By now you realize it is 100% safe to use. Biometric enrollment is quick, and easy to setup. Most clients have MinuteHound up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Even those employees who might be slow to accept this new technology will appreciate that it keeps their own data secure. They don’t have to worry about employee ID numbers, secret PIN numbers or waiting to take their turns clocking in. After they’ve performed a one-time biometric enrollment, it will be simple. MinuteHound will be an easy, familiar and secure way to clock in and out of the job. Try it today risk free and start enjoying the benefits of biometric enrollment in your workplace.

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