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What Time Clock Solutions Are Availab...

What Time Clock Solutions Are Available?

Time is Money with MinuteHound Businesses know just how important time is. It is valuable and needs to be protected. The best way to make the most of each dollar is to invest in a MinuteHound time and attendance system. Companies show a large cost savings after switching to MinuteHound. The biometric time clock solutions […]

A Fingerprint Time Clock Can Save You...

A Fingerprint Time Clock Can Save You Money. Here Is How

Fingerprint Time Clock Will Automatically Save You Money One too often ignored way of saving a business money is through time and attendance. To many business owners surprise, 2-8% of payroll is lost to time theft. Meaning, you’re likely allowing thousands of dollars of time theft. Understanding the basics of time theft, why most time […]

Is A Fingerprint Time Clock From Star...

Is A Fingerprint Time Clock From Star Wars Or Does It Actually Work?

A Fingerprint Time Clock Has Long Lasting Technology Built In Technology is rapidly advancing, and on the whole, that’s a good thing. However, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between useful new tech and useless nonsense. The world of time and attendance is no exception. The recent trend in time and attendance is biometric technology. […]

How Does A Fingerprint Time Clock Hel...

How Does A Fingerprint Time Clock Help Employees?

How Effective is a Fingerprint Time Clock? As technology advances as does the world of time and attendance. The punch cards of yesterday are quickly being replaced with futuristic alternatives. As of late, Biometric technology has gained notoriety. The most popular biometric has been fingerprint time clocks. Many benefits come from using fingerprint time clocks […]

How Does A Biometric Time Clock Work?

How Does A Biometric Time Clock Work?

A Biometric Time Clock Has Profound Benefits Deciding which time and attendance system might seem tricky. With recent technological advancements, the days of punching in time cards is soon to end. A new way businesses are now tracking time is through using biometric technology. How does biometric technology affect time and attendance? Biometric time clocks. […]

How To Stop Payroll Fraud and Reduce ...

How To Stop Payroll Fraud and Reduce Payroll Expenses

Stop Payroll Fraud. Save Money. Payroll fraud should not be an expense for you. Eliminate it with the MinuteHound Time and Attendance System. It saves you money. Your employees must be an asset. Remove payroll fraud as a liability on your books. Boost your company’s bottom line. Payroll fraud amounts to nearly $50 billion dollars […]

Why A Time Clock Is The Most Importan...

Why A Time Clock Is The Most Important Investment A Business Owner Can Make

Spend Money On A Time Clock? That is exactly what you should do! Typically in every business labor and employee related costs are the highest of any budget. People don’t usually work for free. They want to be paid! That is why having a time clock is so important. Employees will buddy punch for each […]

How to Stop Time Theft in The Workpla...

How to Stop Time Theft in The Workplace and Lower Payroll Expenses

A New Way To Stop Time Theft and Decrease Payroll Expenses Are you an employer who is stuck in the past trying to keep track of attendance and payroll? Well, MinuteHound has a structured an innovative finger scanner to help with these technical worries. Your business depends on you for many concerns. Why not allow […]

Time Theft is Fraud. Stop it Today!

Time Theft is Fraud. Stop it Today!

Stopping Time Theft is Stopping Fraud Time theft can occur in any workplace using old, outdated systems. Using a buddy system, employees can steal time from a company. Time clocks can be manipulated and time errors can occur, making it difficult to keep records. Some employees can also receive unwarranted overtime. But, there is a […]

The Time Has Come! Hold Your Employee...

The Time Has Come! Hold Your Employees To A Higher Standard

Do You Trust Your Employees? Most managers and business owners actually answer yes to this question. Some are being honest while others just don’t want to upset their staff. Employees in every company have one thing in common: they don’t work for free. They will also never short themselves. Employees will cover for each other, […]