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Time and Attendance System for Small ...

Time and Attendance System for Small Business Owners

A Total Time and Attendance Solution for Businesses One of the biggest issues small business owners face is their time and attendance management. After all, how is any one person – any one office, even – going to absolutely ensure that their employees are coming in and leaving on time? And how are they going […]

Tools To Help a Small Business Succee...

Tools To Help a Small Business Succeed: Employee Time Tracking

SMALL BUSINESS TIME TRACKING IS JUST A TOUCH AWAY! Your employee is stuck in traffic 20 minutes away from the office. Yet his time card tells a different story. Has he astrally projected himself to his desk? No. He’s had his buddy clock him in. Clock tampering, time card errors and unauthorized overtime are small […]

Fingerprint Time and Attendance: Save...

Fingerprint Time and Attendance: Save Money. Crush Time Theft

How Does Time and Attendance Work? Employees show up to work, take breaks, and then leave for the day all with a touch of a finger. Fingerprint time and attendance from MinuteHound has been around for nearly a decade, with the technology getting better and better over time. The beauty behind it is that employees […]

Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

Time Flies with MinuteHound Starting and ending the work day is easier than ever before. This is due to the time and attendance technology of MinuteHound. Clocking in by using a simple fingerprint scan benefits both the employer and employees. Time flies but MinuteHound can help keep it under control. Finger Scanning The biometric time […]

What Is The Best Time Clock?

What Is The Best Time Clock?

MinuteHound! World’s Best Time Clock An employee time clock is normally used to track hours and calculate pay. The first time clock was a design that only checked employee’s times. MinuteHound has changed the way businesses operate with their system that takes the time clock to a whole new level. MinuteHound knows that one of […]

The Office Time Clock Designed to Sto...

The Office Time Clock Designed to Stop Buddy Punching and Time Theft

MinuteHound’s Office Time Clock is Time and Attendance Gold Every organization has to configure a way to not only track employees, but accurately pay them and keep detailed records for years. The paperwork and man hours involved with this process are typically a full time job. Each and every HR person, small business owner and […]

Track Employee Time Easily This Holid...

Track Employee Time Easily This Holiday Season

Easily Track Employee Time From Anywhere and Everywhere! This holiday season most employers add extra employees in order to make sure they can keep up with demand. Whether it is retail, warehouse, online, or any other type of business most companies can need an extra hand. No matter what type of environment these employees are […]

Business Owners and Managers Can Use ...

Business Owners and Managers Can Use the Internet Time Clock from Anywhere

About the MinuteHound Internet Time Clock – Stop Time Theft in its Tracks! Not so long ago, companies were using the same analog time clocks that have been in use for over 100 years. Analog time clocks were highly prone to failure and constantly needed replacement parts. Payroll was a nightmare because time cards would […]

Web Based Online Time Clock for Emplo...

Web Based Online Time Clock for Employees and Staff

Secure Your Time Clock Data We live in the information age. This means that information is one of our most valuable assets. It’s the lifeblood of most business. Protecting and ensuring that information is accurate and up to date is one of the most important things we can do for our business. Whether it is […]

Employee Time Tracking For All Work E...

Employee Time Tracking For All Work Environments

Powerful Business Technology for Employee Time Tracking Employee time tracking is a major concern for almost every business. It’s central to your documentation, payroll and management practices. Despite how critical the practice is, many business are stuck continuing to rely on old and outdated technology for time management. From wall time clocks to hand-written time […]