What Can A Biometric Time Clock Do For My Business?

The Benefits of Using Biometrics In A Time Clock
Do you own or manage a business? If the answer is yes, probably means you have employees. How do you currently track their time? How do you accurately pay them and keep records for local, state, and federal tax records? Most small companies just use a pen and paper and maybe a system that requires a pen and paper. These outdated systems completely waste time and money. Having a fool proof biometric time clock in place not only tracks time, but it also provides powerful tools to any organization.

MinuteHound’s biometric time clock provides the features every business needs and requires:
-Time Tracking
-Live edits from any browser
-Real time status notifications
-Email and Text alerts if an employee is early, late, or doesn’t show up at all
-Group modifications for holidays or subtracting time for a lunch break
-Create multiple reports for multiple payroll and time tracking platforms
-Live customer service and support

These are just some of the options MinuteHound offers. Even if you didn’t want to use a biometric time clock, you could use a web clock that tracks the IP address instead. Either way, MinuteHound has the time and attendance principles down and the system has been in place for nearly a decade with constant improvements and updates to make it better as technology evolves. A biometric time clock will boost the time you spend on payroll and tracking employees while at the same time saving you money in the form of payroll costs and time theft in the workplace.

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