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Fingerprint T&A System’s and your Bottom Line

In a world where the bottom line really does matter and an economy where you could find your business floating or drowning at any moment, it is important to know the things that can give your business the very best chance at survival. Employee fraud is one of the problems that can really hurt a growing business, and that’s why it’s so important to get a handle on it right now.

Fingerprint T&A The Wave of The Future

Employees may clock in for work every day, but without a secure fingerprint t&a system
, they may try to cheat your system. Did you know that you could be paying employees for more work than they actually are doing, and that’s a problem for your bottom line and for the success of your business in the future? If you are worried about employee attendance and productivity, then it’s time to buy an alternative! MinuteHound offers a fingerprint t&a system that implements biometric fingerprint technology and provides accurate employee attendance data when you need it. At MinuteHound, we help you take the guess work out of employee productivity and attendance. Best of all, we offer a money back guarantee on the fingerprint reader. Learn more about why our fingerprint system really works for owners of businesses of all sizes!

Acsess your data from anywhere

Many business owners have never heard of a fingerprint t&a system. What is it? A fingerprint t&a system is a time & attendance reporting system that is Cloud-based and uses biometric data to identify your employees as they check in for work. But not only that, our fingerprint t&a system keeps track of employees every time they take a break and it lets you know when they clock out to go home. By recording clock in/out data on each employee, based upon his or her fingerprint data, you will know who is working and for how long. You will pay your employees for the specific hours they work every day, and you won’t have to worry about employees who try to report longer hours than they worked. With our fingerprint t&a system, you will be able to see the data and know for sure how much time each employee has worked.

Text and E-mail alerts!

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In addition, our fingerprint t&a system gives you the latest reporting via email and text message, so you do not have to be on-site at your business to monitor employees as they come and go. Instead, you will get access all the data you need wherever you are based! Now is the time to make changes in your business productivity, and you can do it easily by trying the MinuteHound fingerprint t&a system. See what other business owners are doing to save money and hold onto their bottom line!

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