Time Clock and an iPhone App: HBR Today

iPhone App: HBR Today What does this have to do with the MinuteHound Time Clock

Are you a business owner or company manager who is looking to improve business practices.
Or strengthen accountability in your workplace?
Then MinuteHound Time Clock software is a great option for you. With The MinuteHound Time Clock Software manager and owners have the ability to completely control time in the workplace.

The MinuteHound Time Clock Software has the ability to send schedule deviation alerts.
These can be to employees,owners, and managers. A MinuteHound Time Clock Software schedule deviation alert may be for showing up early late.
Or not showing up at all. This will give you complete control over time clock in the work place.

For a great iPhone app created by the Harvard Business Review read on.
This recently updated application is packed with blog articles. It also has video clips and speech excerpts.
There is even more from the brightest and the boldest in the business world today.
Check the management tip of the day every morning before work to remind yourself of your commitment.
To creating a friendly work environment.

In which your employees can thrive and your output can soar. This app also enables you to read condensed synopses of articles from the Harvard Business Review that are designed to give you the most vital business information in as little time as possible.
If you would like to further increase efficiency in your place of work, consider making the switch to a biometric time clock system from MinuteHound™. Our state-of-the-art time and attendances systems have saved employers all across the nation an average of 5% in payroll costs. Visit our Website or Call the MinuteHound™ experts at (800) 351-7237 today.

MinuteHound Time Clock Software and the iPhone are a match made in heaven.

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