Time Clock and Distractions

4 Distractions that Will Make You Lose Track of the Time Clock in the Office

The MinuteHound Time Clock can help make any business more efficient. Time is arguably the most precious resource: once you lose it, you can never get it back. Work is the last place anyone wants to lose track of time—efficiency, productivity, and simply being present (in mind and attendance) are essential to success. Watch out for these four clock robbers next time you clock in.
1. Losing touch with the time clock. Having someone else clock in or out for you has become all too common in the work place. Enforcing individual accountability with tools like biometric time clocks helps employees understand when they are, literally, on or off the clock. It’s like turning on and off a “work switch.”
2. Insufficient planning. Many experts suggest budgeting time like you would budget for money. This is an innovative idea, especially when you consider the irreplaceable value of time. If you are going to work for eight hours, then think about what you will be doing and audit yourself.
3. Minutia. The worst feeling is realizing you spent hours on the time clock dwelling on unnecessary details. It is all too easy to let yourself get sucked into obsessing over minutia—deciding between plastic or metal paperclips or composing an e-mail signature, for example—that in the long-run will not make great impact. Check in with yourself when you are working to stay focused: is this the most important thing you could be doing right now? Is it necessary?
4. Your coworkers. Colleague interaction can make or break or day, but in the end you are accountable for what you accomplished. Practice setting boundaries and help yourself succeed. Then watch your coworkers follow suit. Eliminate unnecessary drama and practice, instead, disciplined high-level performance.
Transform these distractions into time well spent. For more information about time and attendance in the workplace, check out MinuteHound™’s biometric time clock system.
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The MinuteHound Time Clock Software can save you money.

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