Time Clock and High Gas Prices?

How can Time Clock Software Help with High Gas Prices

Can Time Clock Software help with high gas prices? The current situation with gas prices has gotten out of control in the last month. The price of gasoline has risen to over 5 dollars a gallon in some parts of America. So how can time clock software help? A segment of the population that is hit hardest by high gas prices are business owners. Many businesses can not run without gasoline.
This ranges from a take out restaurant to the farmer that needs to ship his goods.
This effects small businesses, medium businesses, and large businesses.
In these difficult times MinuteHound Time clock is here to help.

MinuteHound Time Clock saves businesses an average of five percent on payroll.
We accomplish this by cutting down on many common time clock inefficiencies.

The Time Clock and Human Error

According to the American Payroll Association there is an error rate from 1-8 percent in payroll for companies using traditional time clocks.
Visit our Calculatr where we use a 3 percent time clock error factor.
The MinuteHound Time Clock Prevents all errors

Unknowing Employee Time Clock Theft

The APA (American Payroll Association),That Time Clock theft (long lunches and breaks, tardiness, early departures, etc.) is 4 hours and 5 minutes per employee!
In our Calculator we Calculate recovering just 50 percent of that.
The MinuteHound Time Clock Allows Owners and Designated Managers to be alerted if employees do not clock in on time

Time Clock Software and Buddy Punching

The APA says that the average loss from “Buddy Punching” is from 2 to 5 percent of total payroll in companies with old time clocks.

Time Clock Payroll Processing Savings

Calculating the amount of hours each person workers in a month costs Time and Money.
The APA says that manual calculation of time clocks takes roughly 5 minutes per card.
The MinuteHound Time Clock reduces this time dramatically

To Calculate your Savings please visit.

For the short story on the MinuteHound Time Clock

Visit our Website for any additional questions.
Start saving today!

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