Web Based Time Clock: A New World Awaits You!

Unleash the Power of The Cloud! Web Based Time Clock Changes….. Everything!

Every once in a great while, a new idea can change the world. From automobiles to airplanes to the Internet, life forever changed once these ideas came into existence. Now the concept of cloud computing is no longer an idea, it is reality. It has changed the way information is saved, stored, and accessed.
Access Your New World!
Cloud computing means that your able to have every piece of data you need, for every aspect of your life! All available at your fingertips! Cloud Technology has changed the game! In today’s business world, your information must be instantly accessible. In order to stay on top, you need to not only take advantage, but put this technology to use. Now you know the Power of The Cloud!

Let’s talk about how you can apply this power to your business. Do you have employees? Chances are you have to keep track of their hours and pay them. Let’s talk about how the cloud is going to help you! First things first, throw your time clock away! Our Web Based Time Clock based on cloud technology is here!

Web Based Time Clock Means Your Time Clock is now Web Based!

Biometric Fingerprint TechnologyCloud computing means that your able to have your information with you, no matter where you are right? Cloud technology means if you travel to the store or overseas, the cloud is with you! MinuteHound’s Web Based Time Clock is no different! If you ever find yourself away from the office, then take your office with you!

You can access your time and attendance from any Internet connection in the world, 24/7! Our Web Based Time Clock offers live reporting which can be viewed at any time, from any place. Our Web Based time clock also reduces your payroll expenses on average, between 2%-8%. We use 128-bit encryption when transmitting data, which means your information is safe. You never have to worry about on site security or data loss, ever! Our Web Based time clock means flexibility, increased storage, and mobility all at a reduced cost. Cloud technology is great, so put our technology to use!

Web Based Time Clock: Time is Money. Time is POWER!

Please feel free to check out our other blog posts where we review other time clocks. Click here for reviews on four major brands. What you see, are time clocks that can cost you thousands of dollars. These time clocks used to serve a purpose, and maybe even today serve a purpose. However, why spend thousands of dollars on anything that is solely based on yesterday’s technology? It literally makes no sense from a personal or business standpoint to do such a thing.
MinuteHound: Time is Money!MinuteHound: Time is Power!

We all know time is money, and typically we never have enough of either! However now with our Web Based time clock, we assist you! Let us help you save time and money! Knowledge is POWER! Time is POWER! Web Based Time Clock powered by MinuteHound is so powerful, we will email you and send you a text message every time your employee shows up late, or leaves early! We are your personal time and attendance manager! We will notify you, in real time, when your employees deviate from their assigned schedule.

Our Web Based time clock does not use time cards or require big bulky machines to be mounted on your wall. Throw in our fool proof identification process, and your time and attendance records will always be error free! Your employees will clock in and out using biometric fingerprint technology! Kill time theft, put the money back in your own pocket!

Web Based Time Clock: Keep your Business in the Cloud for Pennies a Day!

Typically, our clients see a return on their investment in the first month, or very close to that! Technology is great, but even better than technology is money! The power of our Web Based time clock as described above, all boils down to accurate pay for accurate work.

The average employee steals 54 minutes a day! That time lost is money lost for you and your business. Let our Web Based time clock put that money back into your pockets. Let us assist you, for pennies a day you will stop time theft and keep your hard earned money. We also provide the best customer service and support your pennies will ever buy! You call us, we answer!
Give us a call today, let’s talk about that Web Based time clock! It is no longer an idea, it is business!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
Web Based Time Clock from MinuteHound. Keep your head in the clouds!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours.
Call (800) 351-7237 MinuteHound today!

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