Time Clock in the Corporate Environment

Punching Out: How Time Clock Theft Happens in the Corporate Environment

American businesses lose approximately $148 billion every year to time clock theft. When an employee spends time on personal matters. Such as unnecessarily extended paid breaks. Use of another employee’s time cards. He or she is committing time theft.
• When a business hires and pays an individual. The business makes an investment. The employer employs the employee to work in return for pay.
• An employee—the individual who is being employed to perform work. Might feel a growing sense of entitlement, Lack of regard for the employer, stressful financial strain, greed, or even just resurgences of old, lazy habits.
• No matter what the reason may be. Some employees begin to devote paid employer time to unrelated personal tasks. Or employees may take longer (or more frequent) breaks than is appropriate. Also, employees might clock in and out for their coworkers. using one another’s time cards or time clock software key code.
Not only does this kind of behavior and disregard for time decrease morale and respect throughout your workplace, but it also costs you. If you are looking to cut down on cost and unproductive attitudes, then consider a biometric time clock. Instead of fidgeting with time cards, choose software that works with people.
When time theft occurs, it’s important to remember you’ve already made an investment in the individual. Employees may not consciously recognize their inappropriate behavior, or how their actions might negatively impact the business. Talk with your employees individually when you notice time theft and give them opportunities to redeem themselves. If all else fails, then hire someone who values the opportunity and fair pay you offer.
Good News none of this can happen with the MinuteHound Time Clock Software.
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