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Time Clock Review Written by A MinuteHound Client

Publishers note: Below is a written testimonial by Convergence Marketing.

MinuteHound&#x2122 Time Clock Team,

Your product is great! As the VP — Performance, Process & Systems for Convergence Marketing&#x2122, a nationwide business with over 4,500 employees, I oversaw our struggle to find a worthwhile time and attendance time clock solution. Of the numerous products presented to us (one of which would cost over $14,500 to implement), MinuteHound&#x2122, stood out as an innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective time clock solution.

Competitors Time Clocks

Unlike competitors products, The MinuteHound&#x2122 FingerPrint Time Clock, is extremely easy to implement, allows for a gradual and risk-free implementation, provides access to detailed and customizable reports in real-time, and can easily be transported from place to place as is necessary with our operations. We are successfully utilizing the MinuteHound&#x2122 FingerPrint Time Clock to track the clock-ins and outs of numerous employees while operating from several locations across the United States.

Payroll Savings with The MinuteHound FingerPrint Time Clock

We have realized a payroll cost savings of at least 5 % percent as the direct result of implementing the MinuteHound&#x2122 FingerPrint Time Clock system. 5% percent of our payroll adds up fast; the cost of the MinuteHound&#x2122 Time Clock system is nothing compared to the payroll cost savings we have realized. No more buddy punching or claiming to be on time when someone is really 5, 10, or even 30 minutes late. Additionally, we have reduced our costs in payroll administration and billing, as there is now no need for someone to calculate employee time manually.

Business Size and The MinuteHound Time Clock

Whether your customers are large, multi-location businesses such as
Convergence Marketing&#x2122 or are more modest companies, The MinuteHound&#x2122 FingerPrint Time Clock solution will work for them. It’s low price, ease of use, and resulting cost savings all mean that this system benefits the company in ways that other time and attendance systems simply can’t match.
Keep up the great work!

Landon P.
Convergence Marketing, Inc.

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Time Clock Review Convergence Marketing
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