Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Many names are used to describe today’s modern time clocks.
Fingerprint attendance machine, biometric time clock, and fingerprint time clock are just a few.

Fingerprint Attendance Machine Scanner Finger
MinuteHound Fingerprint Attendance Machine

Fingerprint Attendance Machine For My Business?
You could benefit by adding 5%-10% of payroll cost back to your bottom line.
Imagine that with 20 employees you could reduce payroll cost by $22,000 annually.
That’s the magic of a fingerprint attendance machine.

By literally using a piece of a person’s body to clock them in to work, you ensure that the person has to be there in order to clock in.
This prevents what is known as buddy punching.
Buddy punching is a common form of time theft.
It occurs when one employee clocks another employee in or out of work.

Great Features
The MinuteHound fingerprint attendance machine has many great features.
It’s web based. But can work online.
It features a USB scanner. But can be located up to 54-feet away from the computer.
It can produce extremely detailed reports. But allows you to export data directly to payroll.
And it can send customized email and text message alerts when an employee deviates from his or her schedule.

The MinuteHound fingerprint attendance machine is 100% private and secure.
Each user’s fingerprint is converted to a string of binary numbers that is then split amongst servers across the globe.
This process makes it impossible to recreate or reverse engineer the fingerprint.
It also saves lots of valuable storage space. Because MinuteHound does not store any large image files.

Employee work hour reports are also completely secure and password protected.
Permissions can be designated at different levels in order to insure that managers only see the reports of those employees that they oversee.

The time is now!
Visit the MinuteHound homepage or watch the videos in the video library to get started.

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