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Time Clock Blog Publishers note: Below is a written testimonial by Dr. Katy Barin of NEA Dentistry.

MinuteHound Time Clock&#x2122 Team,

The MinuteHound&#x2122 Time Clock Solution

Thank you for providing a solution to our nagging time and attendance issues! As a midsized dental office we relied on an archaic method of clocking in and out by way of a wall-mounted time clock. The wall time clock stamped cards that then needed to be reviewed manually every pay period. This resulted in a multitude of headaches such as time cards often being lost and employees stamping the wrong section of the card. Even this troubled system had been the best we found after experimenting with numerous other time clock solutions.

The First Day We Installed The Time Clock

The first day we installed The MinuteHound&#x2122 Time Clock things began changing for the better. The installation was extremely simple (it only took about It fifteen minutes) and the team was able to begin using it instantly! I love the fact that attendance reports can be viewed in real lime from anywhere in the world. This allows me to check the status of my office personnel from my bedroom in the morning, the beach in Hawaii while on vacation or from any of our computers in the operating rooms.

Customer Support with The MinuteHound Time Clock

I once had a question how to access a certain type of report. In a hurry I contacted The MinuteHound&#x2122 Time Clock telephone support. To my delight the call was answered promptly and a well-informed MinuteHound&#x2122 team member handled my question with care. The issue was quickly resolved and I have never had any other need for support.

Time Clock Recommendation to other business

I sincerely recommend The MinuteHound&#x2122 Time Clock for any business owner. The time, money, and stress this system spared me ensures it paid for itself many times over.
Dr. Katy Barin
NEA Dentistry

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