Biometric Attendance Machine: Technology that Never Stops!

Biometric Attendance Machine is the Latest Breakthrough!

Biometric Attendance MachineTime and Attendance is a crucial part of any business. Payroll for your employees needs to be accurate, precise, and most of all correct with little to no errors. The numbers are pure and simple. By using a biometric attendance machine, you could be saving anywhere from 2%-8% of your payroll costs. Let’s take another look at that. If your not using biometric technology, you are losing money.

Paying your employees should not cost you money, it should be painless and worry free. You need an accurate, up to date time clock in order to solve issues once and for all. Biometric attendance machine is the latest breakthrough in technology. From now on, all of your employees will clock in and out with a fingerprint! That’s right, our machine does it all. No more flaws or erros in payroll. Your employees will get accurate pay for their work. You will stop losing money, and start saving!

Biometric Attendance Machine. The Terminator For Any Size Business!

MinuteHound Machine!POP QUIZ: What is sent from the future with a mission? It is made up of advanced technology, and has machine parts? Any guesses? Well if you said MinuteHound biometric attendance machine, congratulations! Your right! Just like The Terminator, MinuteHound’s biometric attendance machine never stops! We provide the latest technology, combined with the best customer service and support in the industry! Instead of searching the world for Sarah and John Connor, our biometric attendance machine constantly saves you money!

Every day, and every night Minutehound never stops working for you. If by chance you ever need support or help in any way, simply give us a call. No need to call Skynet or Cyberdyne systems about their malfunctioning robot! You call, we answer! It is that easy. Our technology also makes our biometric attendance machine the most accurate, safe, and secure time clock software on the market!

The Biometric Attendance Machine of Today. The Biometric Attendance Machine of Tomorrow!

When your a client of MinuteHound, we provide you with lifetime updates! As you already know, technology happens every single day. Change happens faster than most can ever keep up with. Take one less worry off of your plate, for MinuteHound’s biometric attendance machine is already leading the industry. We use 128-bit encryption technology, biometric scanners, and the latest software. Our biometric attendance machine already has features built in to e-mail you whenever your employee does not show up for work. If they leave early, expect a text message. Whatever you decide for alerts, it is your option. We are here to better assist you!

MinuteHound Virtual OfficeOur time clock software will be your personal HR manager keeping track of all of your employees and schedules. Do you travel? Find yourself away from your workplace? Have no fear, MinuteHound is here! Don’t ever feel away from the office, as you can view live reports 24/7 from any Internet connection in the world!

MinuteHound’s biometric attendance machine is not just your solution for today, but for tomorrow and beyond. We constantly update our technology, make improvements, and fine tune our product. As we continue to not only keep pace with today’s technology, but prepare for tomorrow, so will you! When your our client, you get all of your updates as they become available. No time clocks to mount, no time sheets to fill out, and always stay up to date. The benefits of MinuteHounds’s biometric attendance machine are all geared to help any size business, and solve everyday problems. You won’t find any gimmicks or false promises. We are not a temporary fix, we will never expire, and we will never not answer the phone.
Give us a call today (800) 351-7237, let’s talk about how we can help.

MinuteHound Biometric Attendance machineNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
Biometric Attendance Machine from Minutehound. No other system even comes close!

We are confident in our business, be just as confident in yours. Call us, let’s talk.
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