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Time Clock Software and Procrastination

Time Clock Software and Procrastination have much to do with one another. With the correct Time Clock Software you can improve your business in many ways.Lets take a look at procrastination.

We’ve all procrastinated. Paying bills, writing an essay, mowing the lawn, these are just a few examples of the not-so-fun things we often put off instead of conquering immediately.

Employees procrastinate in a number of ways and unfortunately the more important and challenging the task, the more likely a person is to delay its completion. But as owners, we cannot allow this to happen. Incentivize productivity and penalize procrastination. As a business owner, have you ever truly examined what procrastination costs your business? Most have not, and the result is reduced profits.

Take for example the store clerk who delays taking out the trash until the last moment and ends up clocking out 15 minutes late. Based on a $20 per-hour pay rate, can you guess how much those 15 minutes three-times per week add up to in real dollars? The reality is that those 15 minutes three-times per week cost $774 every 12 months. If you have four “seemingly harmless” procrastinators you lose $3,096 every 12 months.

Instead, motivate your employees to complete their duties on time. Pay bonuses to those who empty the wastebaskets as soon as they are full and reprimand those who clock out late because they left this task for the last minute.

With a MinuteHound™ Time Clock, you don’t have to be the bad guy. Allow MinuteHound™ Time Clock Software’s customizable alerts system to automatically send your procrastinators automatic alerts whenever they clock out late. You have complete control over what the alerts say, and when and how they are sent. Set them to go out via email or text message and very soon your employees will learn to complete their tasks in a timely manner.

Visit us online at http://www.minutehound.com/ to learn more.

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  1. these are definitely some more details to take into consideration, but thanks for giving this info.

    1. Argemira,
      We have all fallen victim to procrastination.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
      For any additional questions please reference our homepage.
      It has some great interesting videos.
      Phone Number and Email are displayed on the home page for any additional questions.

      Do not Procrastinate think of the savings.
      Use our Savings Calculator to see how much your business could save with the MinuteHound TimeClock.


  2. I am also into tracking time no matter if it’s billable or not. Tracking your time when working is very important nowadays. With this, you would know how much time you were spending on a certain task. You could analyze if you could do it a little faster or what you have done that took a lot of your time.
    MinuteHound sounds like an awesome tool.

  3. time is passing us by everyday. I was even procrastinating to leave this comment but your article inspired me to put in my two cents. Loved the post, thanks.

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