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What Is Time Clock Software?
Time clock software describes a wide array of software.
Time clock software is sometimes referred to as time and attendance software.
Or a time and attendance system.
Basically any type of software that tracks employee hours of work can be called time clock software.
However, these software systems vary dramatically in both the quality of their features. And the way they capture data.

In order for time clock software to calculate employee hours of work and wages. The software must first receive the data telling it how many hours each employee worked.
There are many different ways that time clock software systems can receive information.
Older systems received data manually. Usually by way of a manager typing employee work data into an excel spreadsheet type interface.

Time clock software then evolved. This next step in the evolution featured a direct input interface. That allowed employees themselves to clock in and out by typing in their pin number.
While an improvement over the original systems. This newer employee input system was flawed in that it still allowed for buddy punching.
Buddy punching is the practice of. Employees stealing time by clocking each other in or out.
According to the American Payroll Association.
The elimination of buddy punching and other forms of time theft contribute to the 5% payroll cost savings. That is achieved by utilizing a biometric time clock such as MinuteHound.

Following the pin number type time clock software came newer technology. Such as swipe cards.
Swipe cards helped to reduce the incidence of buddy punching.
However swipe cards still continued to be traded between employees and were abused just like pin numbers.
So even though swipe cards helped reduce time theft a little bit. Time clock swipe cards could not eliminate time theft entirely.
Unfortunately, swipe cards are very expensive. Large businesses that still use this old technology routinely spend thousands of dollars per year replacing lost and broken employee swipe cards.

Then came biometric systems…
Biometric systems measure some part of the body. In order to ensure that the person clocking in is really the person they claim to be.
The most common biometric time clock system reads a person’s fingerprint. In order to verify identity.
When these biometric systems are used properly they completely eliminate buddy punching.
This sounds great in theory. But early fingerprint time clock systems only managed a 90% scan success rate.
With the early biometric systems 10% of any given company’s employees were not able to be scanned.
This resulted in employees being granted a pin number to use instead of a finger scan.
The pin number option also explains. The antiquated pin pad that is still present on many biometric fingerprint time clocks.
Of course. The pin number option resulted in the same buddy punching problems. That were present with pre-biometric time clock software systems.

The solution has arrived
MinuteHound has reinvented the time clock software industry by offering the world’s first 100% biometric system.
The MinuteHound scanner is so accurate that no pin pad is necessary.
MinuteHound puts a true end to buddy punching.
The MinuteHound system allows managers to view employee work hours remotely. From any internet enabled device.
This new system features an alert system that can send emails. And text messages to bring attention to schedule deviations.
And with the MinuteHound software. Your hours can easily be transmitted to your payroll processor or payroll software for hassle free payroll processing.
Learn more about MinuteHound at www.MinuteHound.com

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