Disney’s $250M ‘John Carter’ Gamble: MinuteHound Time Clock Software to the rescue!

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When costs add up, so does your MinuteHound Savings!

This was the big weekend for Disney. They took a huge risk with their most recent film, “John Carter”, based on a civil war soldier transported to Mars to fight aliens.
As if the concept didn’t sound like a surefire investment, the movie itself has had many setbacks and has cost an estimated $370 million dollars with advertising included.
MinuteHound Time Clock Software is one way Disney could have saved money.
MinuteHound Time Clock Software can save you an estimated 4-7% off of your payroll costs according to the American Payroll Association.
When your company is spending close to $400 million, that percentage can add up super quick and save you and your business money now and forever!.
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“John Carter” Pulls Only $30.6M at the Weekend Box Office

How is that for a payout? You invest close to half a billion dollars, and in your first weekend you are not even number 1 at the box office.
In North America, you earn $30.6 million, and know that for every upcoming weekend you should expect less and less. That is not a practical way to conduct business.
Now Disney has been around for generations and have many different sources of income, in order to weather storms such as this, but you and your business might not be so lucky.
In order to maximize profit for your company, you should look at every piece of your company and how you can reduce costs, but not lose quality, to improve your business.
Time Clock Software from MinuteHound is the future of time and attendance, available today! Do not invest in a time clock you mount on the wall or leave by the door.
Other software that is out there simply issue your employees a “unique” username and password. That is not helping your business, and MinuteHound can help on multiple levels.

The exit of Disney marketing president MT Carney creates yet more drama

This kind of drama is not the kind that you want for your business. As a successful business grows, you want to hire more and more staff, not let any go.
Disney has had a world of success, and this movie John Carter is just one of the many movies that Disney produces.
However it is a great example of how one bad project can effect the organization on so many levels.
Time Clock Software from MinuteHound is more than simply keeping track of time for your employees. It uses a biometric finger print scanner to ensure correct reporting.
As a business owner you are busy everyday, one less worry should be if your employees are working their assigned shifts. With our software, that will become a guarantee!

As if you need any more stress

“It doesn’t just have to open big — it has to be one of the top grossing films of all time,”– Rival Movie Studio Executive
Disney realized that John Carter was becoming way overbudget and past schedule. Their projected return on investment did not match their spending.
Does that sound familar to anyone? In your business, do you ever feel as if your spending money you might never see again?
For pennies a day, you can make a dramatic impact on your company with our time clock software. Our time clock will pay for itself, and save you money every month.
You will receive a text message or an email to notify you if your employee does not clock in on time.
You will also be able to log in and view your live reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep you informed of what your staff is up too.

Who doesn’t love the Movies!

Whether your on a date, or spending time with the family, or simply enjoying a night out or a night at home; there are thousands of choices.
Our Time Clock Software is that choice for any size organization. From a mom and pop operation, all the way up to Disney.
Our software will work if you have 1 or 1000 employees. If you have 1 or 100 locations, MinuteHound will save you money everyday.
Please learn from others mistakes, don’t invest way too much if the return is simply not there.
Call MinuteHound today at (800) 351-7237


“John Carter” is now an official flop! Estimates are now coming in that this movie might cost Disney over $200 million dollars! Disney actually released a statement stating they are expecting a loss of $200 million due to this movies poor performance at the box office. This movie clocks in as one of the biggest flops in Disney’s history. Disney is hoping that their new releases, “The Avengers” and “Brave”, will be a huge success.

Good Luck Disney!

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Start saving today! John Carter is out now, plese check your local listings for showtimes.

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