Time Clock Software System Savings

Since the time clock was first introduced in 1888.
Businesses spanning a wide range of industries have been losing time and money.
This due to inaccurate time reporting and inefficiencies in payroll accounting.
Today, there is a technology available that no longer makes the traditional time clock seem like an efficiency promoting tool.
Read this article to find out how the adoption of a better time clock system will save you and your business time and money.

Only Pay Your Employees for Time They are at Work. On the time clock.

A time clock that uses biometric technology to clock your employees in and out of work prevents members of your staff from buddy punching. This is done so by requiring them to scan their finger. Every time they clock in and out of work. With the MinuteHound Time Clock software this takes an average of 1.2 seconds.This means you will never pay an employee for time off the job. In addition, this time clock solution also promotes punctuality in the office.

Reduce Necessary Payroll Management Efforts With MinuteHound.

A Web-based time and attendance system that employs biometric technology allows you or your payroll manager to handle your payroll accounting seamlessly, simplifying payroll management duties. Your new time clock software will generate error-free reports of the hours worked by your employees, which means no time will be spent adding up hours worked or reconciling time reporting disputes.

Reduce System Costs With The MinuteHound Time Clock.

The latest in time clock technology is less expensive to purchase and maintain than traditional time clocks, which are prone to errors and employee manipulation. MinuteHound™ costs just $79.95 per machine, and subscription costs—which give the employer access to real-time reports and enable time and attendance information to be stored in a cloud so that it can be accessed from any computer—for less than a dollar per day.

For a free trial with MinuteHound, the world’s most effective time clock solution, visit our website. If you are interested in learning more about how our biometric time clock system can save your company time and money, feel free to call us at (800) 351-7237.

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